Russia is the largest country in the world, with an area of ​​no less than 17 million square kilometers. Much of it is almost uninhabitable because it is so close to the North Pole. In the habitable parts there are of course a number of huge cities. We list the top 10 largest cities in Russia for you.

10. Rostov-on-Don

In the south of Russia you will find the port city of Rostov-on-Don. It is a popular destination for tourists, because the climate here is nice and warm. In addition, the center has several historical sights, such as an old art museum, a park where the October Revolution is commemorated and a lavish theater. The city owes its name, of course, to its location on the Don. Rostov-on-Don currently has about 1,100,000 inhabitants.

9. Omsk

For a long time Omsk was mainly a city where exiles and political prisoners lived, but that changed with the arrival of the Trans-Siberian railway. This railway line runs along the city, making it much easier to trade. This allowed Omsk to grow into one of the largest cities in Russia. The city is located in the south, not far from the border. You will not only find an important port, but also a large oil refinery belonging to Gazprom, which is important for the Russian economy. At present, the city has about 1,130,000 inhabitants.

8. Samara

In the southwest of the country you will find the city of Samara. This is a real industrial city with large companies in the most diverse sectors. It is also an important traffic hub, which makes transporting products a lot easier. It is a relatively modern city, with many different museums, theaters and a world-famous ballet company. Samara also has a beautiful location on the Volga. About 1,150,000 people live in the city.

7. Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk is also located in southwest Russia and has a special location between the Ural Mountains and the Miass River. There are also several lakes in the city. In 2013, Chelyabinsk made headlines because a meteor had landed here. This left 1,600 injured and damaged many homes in the city. The center of Chelyabinsk is relatively modern, with mainly buildings built after the nineteenth century. Mainly heavy machinery and weapons are produced. About 1,200,000 people live in the city.

6. Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is located in western Russia and is an ancient city that was founded as early as the thirteenth century. This also means that there are a number of historical sites to be found, from the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin to several churches and cathedrals. It is also possible to look out over the Volga and Oka rivers when you are in the city. Nizhny Novgorod has about 1,250,000 inhabitants at present.

5. Kazan


In the west of Russia you will also find the city of Kazan. It is an important trading place, because the city is located exactly on the border between Europe and Asia. As a result, traders from all over the world come to the city. This also makes the city vibrant with a rich culture. There are large entertainment complexes, there is a university and the city has impressive cathedrals and mosques. With 1,250,000 inhabitants, it is never really quiet.

4. Yekaterinburg


The city of Yekaterinburg is located on the banks of the Iset River. This is also an important industrial city, with many companies in the field of knowledge and finance. The city is east enough that it is generally believed to be in Asia, but Yekaterinburg disagrees. The city claims to be in Europe, hoping to attract more tourists. Yekaterinburg therefore has plenty to offer, from old town halls to lavish villas. 1,500,000 people live in the city.

3. Novosibirsk


The third largest city in Russia is Novosibirsk. It is located in the south of the Siberian part of Russia and is conveniently located on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is an industrial city, but Novosibirsk also plays an important academic role in Russia. It is an important player, especially in the field of ICT. About 1,600,000 people currently live in the city.

2. Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

In the northwest of Russia, not far from the border, is the city of Saint Petersburg. This is the largest northern city in the world and a popular destination for tourists. The center is beautiful, with canals, large avenues and historic palaces. You will therefore find many museums, more than fifty theaters and the tallest building in Europe. With a total of 5,300,000 inhabitants, it is also a huge city.

1. Moscow


The largest city in Russia is clearly Moscow. As many as 12,500,000 people live in the capital of the country. It is the largest city on the European continent, which is also home to the famous Kremlin. This is the administrative center of Russia. Moscow is also known for the world-famous Red Square, the richly decorated St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum. That also makes Russia’s largest city an attractive destination for tourists.