Singapore Water Supply

Singapore Arts and Literature

Water supply As the country lacks groundwater, the residents were previously completely referenced to collect rainwater. During the late 1900’s, freshwater imports became increasingly important. It is transported by pipeline from Johor in the southernmost of Malaysia and at the turn of the century covered almost all of the country’s water needs. Countryaah: Population and demographics of Singapore, including population pyramid, density map, projection, data, and distribution. The increase in…

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Singapore Sightseeing Places

Singapore Landmarks

Singapore climate The climate in Singapore is humid and tropical. There are basically two seasons in Singapore: a hot, sunny and less humid season and a hot, humid season. The temperatures hardly change due to the proximity to the equator during the year. In general, Singapore’s temperatures average between 26 °C in January and 28 °C from March to July. During the day, maximum temperatures of around 31 °C are…

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Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore skyline

Singapore City Overview The island population is an ethnic mix of Chinese, Malays, Indians and British and lives harmoniously with each other, thanks to the tolerance towards different religions, the great prosperity, the very strict laws and a uniformly hot but pleasant tropical climate. Particularly striking is the impressive efficiency of the people of Singapore as well as the safety and cleanliness of this city, which is achieved at the cost of…

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Singapore Hotels

Esplanade theaters on the bay, Singapore

Hotel prices together account for 18% fees and taxes (often called “Triple Plus”), which are made up as follows: 10% service fee, 7% VAT and 1% state tax. Anyone making a reservation in high-end hotels online at or at a reservation desk at the airport will receive a discount. Many hotels also offer special prices on their websites that are less than 50% of the normal rate, so price comparisons and advance bookings are always a good…

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Events in Singapore

Central District, Singapore

Singapore Biennial The Singapore Biennale, held every two years, is an art event where artists from all over the world present their contemporary artworks. Date: November 22, 2019 – March 22, 2020 Place: Singapore Website: Entry: With admission fee. Chinese new year Chinese New Year is celebrated in Singapore’s Chinatown with fireworks, dragon and lion dances and a delicious banquet. In Chinatown, decorated with lanterns, you can watch the hustle and bustle of those…

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Singapore Nightlife

Clark Quay, Singapore

Singapore has a vibrant and exciting nightlife with a variety of elegant, chic bars and clubs as well as a diverse culinary offer. In addition to its ultra-modern, futuristic facade, the influence of Asian cultures and religions is omnipresent in Singapore, and the city’s cultural scene reflects the region’s different influences in Malay, Chinese and Indian performances, art and music. Tourists and foreigners living in Singapore can be found primarily at Boat…

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Singapore Restaurants

The following restaurants in Singapore are divided into three categories: Expensive (over $ 200) Moderate ( $ 80 to $ 200) Inexpensive (up to $ 80) It is the average price for a three-course meal or the price of a bottle of the cheapest wine or a comparable drink, without taxes and service charge. A 10% service charge, 7% value added tax and a further state fee of 1% are added to the restaurant…

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Things to Do in Singapore

Other sports Every year, the Singapore Sports Council (Tel: (65) 63 45 71 11. Internet: organizes activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and in which as many people as possible should take part, including national swimming and cycling events . The best known is the annual Fitness Encounter at the National Stadium in Kallang (Tel: (65) 63 48 12 58) with the Sports for Life event, a fun run over 2.4…

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City Tours and Excursions in Singapore

City tours Combined tours East-West Executive Travelers PTE Ltd is an association of tour operators based in Australia and offers a range of unusual and interesting tours in Singapore. For visitors who are not only interested in exploring outside but also within the city, half-hour tours through downtown Singapore are offered, which are followed by tarot, aura or reiki therapy. You can also take a seven-hour island tour, including a lunch boat ride…

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Attractions in Singapore

Attractions in Singapore Asian Civilizations Museum The focus of this museum is on the world of Chinese faith, symbolism, understanding of art and the tradition of Chinese scholars. Housed in a restored neo-classical house from 1910, it also houses a collection of Buddhist art, imperial porcelain, and Ming-style furniture from the 17th century, and is considered an important demonstration of the development of this culture. Free tours are offered. Address: 39 Armenian Street,…

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