Jordan Knowledge and Culture

cultural monuments

Music in Jordan The music scene reflects the country’s Arab culture, with strong ties to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt, see Arabs (music). The forms and styles of art music are based on the common, pan-Islamic music theory and performance practice. Folk music exhibits more regional character, with instruments such as zamr mujwiz (double clarinet ) and rabāb (single string fiddle). Western influence, i.a. harmonization and rhythmic / melodic simplification…

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Plant Life and Wildlife in Jordan

Black leopards

Plant life in Jordan Plant growth is mostly of a dry Mediterranean type, with maquis scrub that has rich flowering in spring in the west, and goes into steppe and desert in the east. wormwood species as important elements. There is little forest. Wildlife in Jordan Ostrich, lion, cheetah, addax and oryx antelope were exterminated in Jordan in the early 1900s. Oryx has recently been reintroduced to the Shaumari Reserve.…

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Jordan Arts and Literature

Literature After the British mandate over Jordan had been repealed, the national culture came to life again. In the field of literature, lyric has played the most important role, with new classics such as Muhammad Hasan Ala ad-Din or representatives of a formally freer lyric such as Haydar Mahmud. Radi Sadduq and the female poet Samira al-Khatib are among the strongest Israeli-critical poets, who in love symbols express their pain…

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Jordan Geography

View of the Jordan Valley

Geologically, Jordan lies on the Arab shield, which for the most part consists of bedrock rocks. Above these are fossil-bearing Cambrian strata, and above these, substantial chalk and tertiary limestones. Lime layers from chalk contain phosphate layers, regional basalt portions from volcanic eruptions occur. Active fault zones along the Jordan basin and into the Red Sea occasionally cause earthquakes in the area. The land formations can be divided into three…

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Jordan Sightseeing Places

Jordan Landmarks

Sightseeing Jordan is a country that has a large number of different sights and attractions to offer its visitors. So you shouldn’t miss the Temple of Hercules in Amman. The temple is located on the top of Jabal el Qala mountain and dates from the time of Roman rule under Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The Temple of Hercules is extremely similar to the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. Also worth a…

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From the Wadi Rum desert area in southern Jordan

Jordan is a monarchy in the Middle East. It borders Syria in the north, Iraq in the northeast, Saudi Arabia in the east and south, and Israel and Palestine (West Bank) in the west. The country has a coastal strip of 26 kilometers towards the Gulf of Aqaba in the south. Jordan is ruled by a Hashemite dynasty which is officially descended from the Prophet Muhammad and is rooted in…

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