The following restaurants in Singapore are divided into three categories:

Expensive (over $ 200)
Moderate ( $ 80 to $ 200)
Inexpensive (up to $ 80)

It is the average price for a three-course meal or the price of a bottle of the cheapest wine or a comparable drink, without taxes and service charge.

A 10% service charge, 7% value added tax and a further state fee of 1% are added to the restaurant bill. This 18 percent fee is called ‘triple plus’ and is mandatory. A tip is also not required.


Raffles grill

Dining in the finest French style is nowhere better than in the Raffles Grill, the most exclusive of all restaurants in the Raffles Hotel, which has already been voted the best restaurant in Singapore. The Raffles Grill has a formal and elegant atmosphere, European cuisine and excellent service. The prices are accordingly high, but for special occasions, dining at the Raffles Grill is second to none.

Address: 1 Beach Rd (Raffles Hotel), Singapore
Phone: 64 12 18 16

Les Amis

Les Amis is the main French restaurant in Singapore. Chef Armin Leitgeb, who has worked in several European restaurants with three Michelin stars, serves modern European cuisine with classic preparation methods. The extensive wine list of Les Amis includes some famous vintages and is just one of the reasons why the restaurant is so popular as an ideal place to court clients. It is not easy to get a table here, the formal yet modern decor and excellent haute cuisine attract an elegant audience.

Address: 2-16 Shaw Center, 1 Scotts Rd, Singapore
Phone: (65) 67 33 22 25


Grill on Devonshire

The grill is surrounded by a candlelit arbor and the atmosphere is both opulent and simple – an interesting contradiction that underlines the charm of the restaurant. In addition to grill dishes, wonderful pasta is also prepared and the desserts are known throughout the city. No lunch menu on weekends.

Address: 6 Devonshire Rd (south of Somerset Street, near Somerset MRT), Singapore
Telephone: (65) 67 33 94 00


Efferus serves Middle Eastern dishes and culture with a smile. The restaurant is mystically interwoven with Turkish carpets, cypress wood and sandstone, the kitchen is a harmonious blend of Australian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. There is no lunch menu on weekends.

Address: 47 Club Street, Singapore
Phone: 63 24 67 68


Michelangelo’s is a special treat for fans of Italian culture and cuisine. The interiors are decorated with beautiful frescoes and subtle lighting and the atmosphere is elegant and relaxed. The spirited chef and owner Angelo Sanelli is extremely popular with guests who come back for his fresh and perfectly prepared dishes. The restaurant’s wine list is excellent. There is no lunch menu on Saturdays.

Address: Jalan Merah Saga (Block 44, 01-60 Chip Bee Gardens, Holland Village), Singapore
Phone: 64 75 90 69


Komala Vilas

Komala Vilas is one of the many small restaurants in the ethnic Little India district. The vegetarian menu features a complete South Indian meal, with dosai , a pancake filled with vegetables, rice, lentils and various curry dishes, all served on a banana leaf. Credit cards are not accepted. Another Komala Vilas is located at 12-14 Buffalo Road.

Address: 76-78 Serangoon Road, Singapore
Phone: (65) 62 93 69 80