Flying to Indonesia

Since 08/01/2005 citizens of the Russian Federation whose purpose of visit is tourism, are allowed to obtain an Indonesian visa upon arrival.

This requires:
– RFP, valid for at least 6 months at the time of departure from Indonesia
– several recent passport-sized color photographs
– 25 US dollars (payable upon arrival upon receipt of a visa).

For citizens of other CIS countries:

– Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan – it is possible to obtain a visa in Moscow.

To obtain an Indonesian visa in Moscow for citizens of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, you must:
– international passport – the validity of the passport is 6 months from the end of the tour
– 2 photos
– questionnaire.

Production time: 5 working days For citizens of other CIS countries (except Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan), in order to obtain an Indonesian visa in Moscow, you must provide the following documents:
– permanent valid registration in the Russian Federation
– work permit in the Russian Federation
– certificate of employment in Moscow
– certificate about marriage with a citizen of Russia
– birth certificate
– proof of ownership within the territory of the Russian Federation

Before leaving for the airport, check the availability of the following documents:
– a foreign passport (valid for at least 6 months),
– an air ticket,
– a voucher,
– an insurance policy,
– a bank statement (when exporting more than $ 3,000 (from 15.03.03) per person),
– power of attorney from parents (if a minor child follows at least one of them),
– birth certificate (if the child and parent have different surnames).
– Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the end of your trip.

You need to be at the airport: in Domodedovo in 3 hours, and in Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo in 2 hours. Check-in for the flight starts 2 hours before the time indicated on the ticket. If you are traveling with children, we advise you to arrive early in order to book seats that are convenient for you and your children.

On the plane you will receive an immigration card (consists of 2 parts) and a customs declaration. You fill them out in English. For help filling out, please contact the flight attendant.

For questions about hotel accommodation, the choice of excursions, the schedule of departure from the hotel, etc. contact your guide. The mobile phone of the representative of the company is indicated in your voucher.

Geographical position: According to cheeroutdoor, the island is located in the Indonesian archipelago. The westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands, stretching in the Indian Ocean from Java to Timor. The area of ​​the island is 5561 sq.m. The highest point is the active volcano Gurung Agung (3142 m above sea level). The relief is mountainous in the north, terraced in the south.

Climate: tropical wet. The average annual temperature is 28 C. The temperature fluctuates little, depending on the season, remaining at around 27 – 30 C. Even in the coldest month of June, it is very warm during the day – 26 – 28 C. The wet season, which lasts from late November to February, but also during this period, the flow of tourists does not decrease, since tropical rain – no longer than 1 hour a day – only refreshes and does not interfere with rest at all.

Capital: Denpasar – 300 thousand people Language: Indonesian, Balinese, English. Religion: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam Time: Plus 5 hours. From the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of September – plus 4 hours. Currency: Indonesian rupiah.

Ecological status: the island is ecologically clean, there are no harmful industries.

Meals: a huge number of national restaurants: Indonesian, Balinese, Chinese, Japanese. National dishes: chicken with rice and herbs, sea cucumbers, squids, oysters, cold cuts.

General information: On the island, villages of local residents engaged in traditional crafts (fishing) and crafts (weaving, wood carving, chasing and engraving) adjoin super comfortable hotels. Despite the rather long flight of 14 – 17 hours, Bali has already won the love of our compatriots. Unique Hindu temples, islands of the Gods, tropical gardens and real jungles, volcanoes and rice terraces, monkeys living right in the temples, a lot of water activities and, finally, very low prices for service, transport and food – all this, in addition to the excellent hotel service, without a doubt, will make Bali one of the most favorite routes of Russian tourists.
The island is conditionally divided into 3 parts Nusa Dua – the south of the island, Kuta – the southwest, and Sanur – the east coast. Nusa Dua is the most fashionable and expensive coast, here is the most relaxing holiday, the best beaches and famous shopping galleries open until late. Kuta, Legian – famous for its democratic atmosphere, low prices in huge supermarkets.
Here is a magnificent water park, Adrenaline – Park, a variety of restaurants and youth bars. Sanur – The very first coast in Bali, equipped for tourists from Europe and America. Here are the most stylish hotels of the old building.
Language: Indonesian, English.

Time: Plus 5 hours. From the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of September – plus 4 hours.

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah. 1 US dollar ~ 9000 Rupiah (the rate may change).

Visa regime: A visa is required to enter Indonesia, your passport must be valid for 6 months from the end of your trip.

Rules of conduct: Severe punishment in Indonesia is provided for the importation, purchase, sale and use of drugs.

Deposit at the hotel: Upon check-in at the hotel, you will be charged a deposit in the amount of approximately 100-300 USD. (depending on the hotel) in cash or freeze this amount on a credit card. This deposit is returned to you upon check-out from the hotel in full, if you did not have expenses for telephone conversations from the hotel, dry cleaning, mini-bar, etc., or the amount is returned minus the listed expenses.

Flying to Indonesia