Tanah Lot, Indonesia


According to Allcitycodes, Sengjiji is considered the largest and most developed in terms of infrastructure resort on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. There are excellent hotels, spas and tourist offices where you can choose to tour nearby attractions. This resort is often chosen for families with children, as there are no high tides, easy access to the sea, and the beaches are perfectly clean. Divers and surfers like to come to Lombok, but there are few vacationers compared to other Indonesian resorts, and the atmosphere is very calm.

How to get to Senggiji

In addition to the airport in the capital, there is another one nearby – Bandara International Airport, opened only on October 1, 2011. It is located near the city of Praia, 55 kilometers from Senggigi. To get from it to the resort by taxi costs approximately 160,000 IDR, and by bus – 20,000 IDR.


The most popular transport in these parts is bemo minibuses. Their routes cover the entire resort and the surrounding rural and coastal areas. Traveling in them costs quite a bit – about 100,000 IDR.

If you have a license, you can rent a car or motorbike instead of a bemo. Car prices here start at 150,000 IDR per day for old models from the late 80s and end at 450,000 IDR for new models. Most bikes here will set you back IDR 60,000 per day, but prices go up a little during peak season.

In addition, here you can ride a traditional fishing boat or a horse-drawn carriage – a pleasant and rather exotic way to get from, say, a hotel to a restaurant.

The beaches of Senggigi

Senggigi Beach is famous for its cleanliness, beautiful sunsets and small waves. In addition, most of the large hotel complexes have “bitten off” their piece from the coast, so their guests will definitely feel comfortable on the beach. Kerangdangan Beach, popular with the local population, nestled nearby.

Attractions and attractions Senggigi

From Sengjiji you can go on an excursion to the Hindu temple of Pura Batu Bolong, where on the top of the rock is the stone throne of Brahma (empty, apparently, waiting for the owner).

Many local tour operators offer car tours where the driver is also the tour guide. A trip for a short distance will cost 350,000-400,000 IDR, if you want to look at something located further from the resort, the price will also increase accordingly. Such excursions are usually one-day, but if you want to stay overnight, this can be arranged for you.

Most often, such excursions go to nearby Aboriginal villages, where you can look at local craft workshops, or to waterfalls. In addition, you can simply drive around various scenic spots located along the coastal road leading north from Senggigi. Typically, such routes include small traditional villages, deserted beaches, bright green rice fields and several steep capes that offer beautiful views of the island.

And in one of the many spa centers you can surrender to the hands of specialists practicing traditional Balinese massage techniques.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot resort is located in the southwest of Bali. This is a small town on the coast, which is known primarily for its gorgeous sunsets, and it is also here that one of the nine sacred temples of Bali – Tanah Lot, protected by UNESCO, is located.

For a full-fledged beach holiday, it is better to go to another place – there is only a small bay on Tanah Lot, where even sand is imported from other coasts. However, this disadvantage is fully compensated by picturesque views of the ocean and very worthy restaurants of Mediterranean, Indonesian and Chinese cuisines.

How to get there

On the southern coast of the Indian Ocean, just 40 minutes from the airport and an hour from the popular resort of Kuta is Tanah Lot.

The main attraction of this place “Temple of Earth and Water” is located near the main resorts of the country in the village of Beraban. From Kuta and Legian, you can get here in 45 minutes.

At the same time, before you make an excursion to the temple, you should remember that you can approach it only at low tide along a thin isthmus that emerges from under the descending water. During high tide, you can get to it by a special ladder or, using the services of a local carrier, take a boat.

You can’t enter the temple itself, but it’s still worth looking at this majestic building up close. At sunset, when a shadow is reflected on the water, the temple complex is stunning in its beauty. This breathtaking sight will be remembered forever.

The beaches of Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot resort is not suitable for a beach holiday. There are no luxurious sandy beaches, with picturesque views. Only a small bay with imported sand. Kuta ‘s delightful beaches are within an hour’s drive and are undeniably worth a visit.

Entertainment and attractions Tanah Lot

Temple Tanah Lot, built in the 17th century, is located on a small rocky island and is completely surrounded by water. According to legend, the radiant light emitted by this place brought the Hindu priest Nirartha here. Persecuted by the locals, Nirartha, meditating, moved the part of the rock on which he was sitting into the open sea. The new island was guarded by poisonous snakes, and the priest dedicated his feat to the god of the sea. Sea snakes still inhabit the foot of the temple.

The official version echoes the first and says that the wandering priest Nirartha spent the night here. He felt that this picturesque and amazing place was holy, and the next morning he turned to the locals to build a temple on the rock to worship the gods of the sea.

The temple is closed to the public. Only true believers can climb the stone steps of this sacred place and enter inside. However, at low tide, you can drink a sip of holy water from the spring. Daredevils can touch the sacred coral snakes that hide in nests on the rock.

Near the temple of Tanah Lot is a market organized by local residents. Here you can buy everything from souvenirs and products to the local press. Restaurants and cafes with local cuisine, where you can have a tasty and inexpensive meal, are found on the way to the temple.

Tanah Lot, Indonesia