Belize, a little less well known than its neighbors Mexico and Guatemala, is a tropical paradise for travelers. Caribbean dream beaches, deep insights into the Mayan culture and fascinating diving areas await you on your Belize tour. Nature lovers get their money’s worth in the forests, which cover 70% of the country’s area. Here travelers will find over 250 species of mammals and reptiles. If you want to dive deeper into the Mayan culture, you should definitely not miss the highest pyramid in the country “Caracol”. A trip to Belize is rounded off by a few relaxing days on Caye Caulker, a small offshore island that offers great opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

Good to know: English is the only country in Central America spoken here according to Countryaah.



“Pura Vida” in Switzerland from Central America. Costa Rica is a true natural paradise for travelers. National parks make up more than a quarter of the country. Nowhere else can travelers see so many animals undisturbed. Sleep in a cozy lodge in the cloud forest and follow the animal tracks on a jungle trek or slide through the treetops while zip-lining. Costa Rica has beaches on the Caribbean and the Pacific, making it a year-round paradise for surfers. But also culturally, Costa Rica offers travelers something, visit the indigenous population of the Talamanca Mountains or learn about Caribbean cuisine in a cooking class. Immerse yourself in the land of the warm Ticos on a Costa Rica tour and let yourself be enchanted.


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, but it is also the most densely populated. The mix of colonial influences and Mayan heritage offers travelers an exciting culture, way of life and cuisine. The landscape is marked by volcanoes, coffee fincas, Mayan sites and beaches. In terms of tourism, El Salavador is a little more unspoilt, so you can get great insights away from the tourist crowds on a tour.


Guatemala tours offer a good mix of culture and nature. Jungles, lakes, volcanoes and beaches as well as impressive Mayan sites such as Tikal and fascinating traditions of the locals offer travelers a varied round trip. The proportion of the indigenous population is almost 50%, the highest in all of Central America. The UNESCO World Heritage Site – the colonial city of Antigua – should not be missed either. Although Guatemala is known among travelers, there are still many insider tips away from the tourist crowds.



Along with El Salvador and Nicaragua, Honduras is one of the largely untouched tourist countries in Central America. It has so much to offer travelers. The “Río Plátano” biosphere reserve extends over 5,000 km2 and is one of the last remaining intact rainforest areas in Central America. Here travelers will find wetlands, mangrove forests, savannahs and an almost impenetrable jungle. Immerse yourself in the fascinating flora and fauna. In addition to beautiful nature, Honduras also offers travelers the fascinating Mayan city of “Copan” and offshore Caribbean islands – such as Roatán – with fantastic beaches and wonderful diving areas.


Mexico is probably the most famous country in Central America. Travelers dream of the picture-perfect beaches on the Yucatán peninsula and Mayan sites such as Chichén Itza or Tulúm. Due to its size, Mexico offers a varied landscape with mountain formations, volcanoes, lonely deserts and dense rainforests. During your round trip in Baja California, watch whales, follow the history of taco in southern Mexico and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Maya in the east of the country. In addition to the Mayan sites, you will also find impressive Aztec ruins in the vicinity of Mexico City. Good food, exciting culture, beautiful landscapes and warm people – what more could you want on a tour.


Nicaragua is an unspoilt and untourist country. The landscape is characterized by lakes and volcanoes. Discover the beautiful colonial cities of Granada and Leon on a round trip before you go animal watching in the rainforest in eastern Nicaragua. On the Caribbean coast, travelers can then relax on dreamy white beaches. If it is a little more adventure, countless volcanoes are waiting to be climbed or discover the coffee region on horseback. A trip to Nicaragua offers pure variety and gives you deep insights into this untouched country.


When thinking of Panama, many travelers first think of the Panama Canal. This is also very impressive, even cruise ships pass this route between the Atlantic and Pacific. On a tour through Panama, however, the fascinating flora and fauna should be in the foreground. Look out for pumas, jaguars and primates in the large Darién National Park or discover the underwater world in the Coiba National Park. On the islands off Panama, travelers will also find fantastic beaches and great snorkeling and diving spots. If you are looking for a little more culture on your trip, you will find it at old Spanish fortresses, in the historic quarter of Panama City or at the Embera Indians in the “Rio Chagres” National Park.