Turkey Economy

Animals and Plants

Species richness in Turkey

In the entire Middle East, Turkey is one of the states with the most diverse nature. The country is home to around 900 species of plants. Of these, there are about 300 only in Turkey, so they are endemic.

But why is there such a diverse nature in Turkey? As you may have already read in “Land”, Turkey borders on the black as well as the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Each marine region is home to different species. There are also different climatic zones in the country, both temperate continental and mild Mediterranean. The country also has many different landscapes: beaches, mountains and fertile plains. Due to these different living conditions in Turkey, many species occur here.

What is growing in Turkey?

In the dry and hot regions of Turkey, survivors such as thistles and steppe shrubs have spread. These plants can do without water for a while.

Many tree species feel at home in the cooler north. You also know some of them from home. There are, for example, spruce, beech, oak, elm and ash. In addition, plants grow in the northern part that the locals themselves can use very well. These are, for example, hazelnut trees, tea or corn.

Tomatoes, olives, lemons and other fruit trees can also be found in areas with a Mediterranean climate. In addition, the so-called Macchia, a hard – leaf plant, grows here. There are also many grapevines here.

Which animals live in Turkey?

In the steppe you can meet camels, mongooses or porcupines. All these animals originally belong to the African animal world, but have also found their way to Turkey. The Asian influences on the Turkish animal world are expressed in jerboa, wolves, foxes and jackals. Deer, bears, and wild cats are also found in the country’s cooler mountains.

Birds in Turkey

The wildlife in the air above Turkey is just as diverse as it is on the ground. Many and very different species of birds fly around here. There are vultures, storks and cranes, as well as pelicans and eagles. Some birds of prey also call Turkey home. Black kites are also typical. Some migratory birds come to Turkey to winter there.

Farm animals in Turkey

Probably the most typical farm animals for Turkey are mules and donkeys. They are particularly useful when transporting luggage through areas inaccessible to cars.

Other animals that we know as farm animals are goats, sheep, horses and cows.


Which economic sectors are there?

The largest share of what Turkey has to revenue is in the service sector generates. So these are all jobs in which you offer services and earn money with it. A doctor works just as much in this area as a waiter. The fact that Turkey has the highest income in this area does not mean that most of the people work here.

Around every third person in Turkey works in agriculture. These people then usually earn very little money.

Another sector is industry. This includes areas such as textile production and processing, mechanical engineering, electronics and chemical products. The industrial sector accounts for a quarter of total income in Turkey.

How is the economy doing?

The economy has grown more and more in recent years. That could change, however, because an important sector in Turkey, tourism, is being severely weakened by political unrest. Travel to Turkey is not recommended and that has left its mark. Turkey is also dependent on imports, i.e. the import of energy and raw materials from other countries. Then there is the changed political situation. The more Turkey develops towards a dictatorship, the more tourists will stay away. In the long run, this weakens the Turkish economy.

Foreign trade

Turkey conducts 40 percent of its trade with other countries with member states of the EU, although it is not a member itself. It sells machines, electronics, vehicles, textiles and food, and imports raw materials and energy. However, Turkey is buying more than it is selling. This creates a trade deficit.

It can be explained like this: Imagine selling your old things at the flea market. But because the other stalls also offer great things, you buy more there than you make and run into debt. You already have a trade deficit!

Unemployment in Turkey

A big problem in Turkey is unemployment. This is very common, especially among young people. Many young people want to work, but cannot get a job. Almost one in five young people is unsuccessful in their job search. In the hope of better opportunities, many, especially young people, move from rural regions to cities.

There they hope to find work. But this also means that the rural regions lack young and educated people. The difference between the economy in the country and in the city became so huge. But not only young people are unemployed in Turkey. Around every tenth Turk in the general population has no job.


As a country located in Middle East according to animalerts, Turkey has a lot to offer tourists. There are numerous picture book beaches and a species-rich and diverse nature. No wonder that millions of people vacation here every year. In 2014 there were 41 million. A not so small proportion of it comes from Germany. Many jobs of all kinds are created by tourism.

However, the flow of tourists has decreased extremely in recent years. This is due to the politically unstable situation in the country. In the summer of 2016, for example, there was an attempted coup against the president. There were also repeated terrorist attacks. Also because of the disregard for human rights, many choose a holiday destination other than Turkey. For many people who earn their living through tourism, this means unemployment.

Turkey Economy