Turkey Culture

Do Turks love suit trousers?

Do you know the cliché that Germans always wear socks in their sandals? There is one for Turks too. However, they are not accused of a fashion mistake, but rather of wearing a chic item of clothing in every situation: suit trousers. This is especially true for Turkish men. Maybe you have some idea what these pants look like. With us, this is usually worn by business people or when you go out in a chic style. In Turkey, suit trousers are almost always worn. Whether for work in the field, an afternoon stroll or having a coffee with friends. For many, suit trousers are therefore a typical Turkish piece of clothing.

Where to pray

Muslims who practice their religion very regularly and steadily sometimes pray five times a day. Of course, you don’t always have a proper mosque to pray with. That is why you can find small rooms with prayer rugs everywhere in Turkey, where Muslims can go during the break to pray together in peace. This can be a converted storage room or a small back room. The main thing is that it is quiet and nearby.

Turkey in Germany

Doesn’t one or the other Turkish tradition seem so unknown to you? Maybe that’s because a lot of Turkish culture has also come to Germany! Because there weren’t many jobs in Turkey in the 1960s, but there was a lot to do in Germany due to the economic boom, many Turks came to Germany looking for work.

That was pretty good for Germany, because the country itself didn’t have enough workers for all the things it had to do. Many of the so-called “guest workers” then stayed in Germany. The Turks are by far the largest group of foreigners today and around three million people of Turkish origin live in Germany. These are usually the grandchildren of the Turks, who at some point came and stayed as “guest workers”.

Turkish bath

A Turkish luxury is the hammam, a kind of steam bath. This is sometimes called the “Turkish bath”. It is a bathing establishment where you can get a massage, bathe and relax.

Traditionally it is used separately by men and women. The towel with which you cover yourself is called pestemal and the lifeguards or masseurs are called tellak.


Football is very important in Turkey and an integral and important part of life for many Turks. Everyone has their favorite club that they support. The three major Istanbul football clubs are Beşiktaş, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe.

There have always been minor conflicts. In the 1970s and 1980s, however, things got particularly extreme. There were even repeated deaths, because the fans fought or even attacked each other with knives. Since these riots, however, the club leaders have been trying more and more for peaceful coexistence.

Road traffic

Road traffic in Turkey, a country located in Middle East according to localbusinessexplorer, often appears to outsiders to be a very confusing chaos. There is honking, cursing, scolding and who is allowed to drive and when is never really obvious. Especially in cities like Istanbul, things get really wild. The people there are used to this traffic and can handle it very well.

Most of the time the biggest car drives or the one that honks the loudest in front of the others. In between the fully loaded two-wheelers meander through, mostly with drivers without helmets. For locals, the traffic is like a well-rehearsed choreography and for visitors it is an impenetrable mess. Many tourists prefer to take a taxi with an experienced driver.

Welcome to Turkey

If you are currently hearing something about Turkey on television, you will likely learn a lot about attacks, dissatisfied people and the loss of democracy. It all doesn’t sound so inviting. Turkey is actually a very hospitable country. If you are invited to a Turkish family’s home, there is a high probability that you will be served tons of food. It only stops when nothing really goes in.

In addition, when greeting, people always hug each other tightly and warmly and kiss each other on the cheek. Even in a conversation, when you laugh together, it’s normal to just hug each other. With all the bad things that happen in Turkey, the warmth and hospitality of the people is often overshadowed, but is nonetheless an integral and important part of Turkey. We should not forget that, despite all the criticism of the country’s politics.

Turkey Culture