Things to Do in Taiwan, China

Taiwan beaches

Washed by sea and ocean waters from all sides, Taiwan is a great place for a beach holiday. The best beaches are concentrated in the town of Jilong, which is 25 km from Taipei. The most popular and equipped resort is Jinshan with a developed infrastructure and a full range of standard services. Right outside the beach there is a spacious recreation area: locals often arrange campsites and barbecues there.

The southern town of Kenting is famous for its magnificent nature, the coast here is covered with smooth white sand. And there are a lot of interesting entertainments here: from water skiing to sailing. Fans of secluded relaxation will certainly like Fulong Beach, a resort on the East China Sea, a 1.5-hour drive from Taipei, where it is never crowded. The most frequent guests here are lovers of kayaking and windsurfing.

According to, the largest beach in central Taiwan is located in Tongsiao, a protected area with mangrove forests and artificial lakes. To the west, in the town of Linshanbi, there is a pebbly beach with volcanic rocks and winding hiking trails. Baishawan on the northern coast is 1000 m of fine white sand washed by the purest sea waters.

The infrastructure in Baishavan is not yet developed: it is worth taking food, drinks and an umbrella with you.

The best place for a family vacation is the southwestern city of Kaohsiung. At the foot of Mount Shoushan lies Xizu Beach, and on a narrow island near the port, Qijin with black sand.

Taiwan will appeal not only to adherents of a relaxing holiday. The local coast has long been chosen by divers from all over the world, and this is not surprising: visibility in coastal waters is about 20 m. Surfers also come to the island: you can conquer the wave here all year round. Rafting, kayaking, windsurfing and other beach sports are well developed.

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Treatment in Taiwan

Taiwan is gradually becoming one of the largest Asian centers of medical tourism. The reasons for this are the excellent training of doctors, innovative equipment of clinics and friendly service. Medical institutions have all the necessary medical and diagnostic equipment, the most effective methods of dealing with various diseases are used here. Local doctors cope with even the most complex tasks: they perform reconstructive operations, organ transplantation, microsurgical manipulations. In addition to standard procedures, patients are offered hypnosis treatment, meditation, anti-stress programs, and music therapy. Doctors actively use natural herbal preparations in their practice, which are subjected to strict quality and safety checks. Prices for medical services are much lower than in the US and Europe.

The most famous clinics in Taiwan are the multidisciplinary National Taiwan University Hospital, Changhua Christian Hospital, Wan Fang Hospital and Show Chwan.


Shops in Taiwan are located in blocks: for example, the quarter of electronics stores can be adjacent to the quarter of pharmacies. Retail outlets are open daily from 9:00 to 19:00, in large cities the opening hours are most often extended until 22:00. The largest shopping malls are located in Kaohsiung. The most famous is the World Trade Center “Chang Gu” – a full-fledged architectural landmark of the city. This is a 222-meter skyscraper built in the Chinese style in the shape of a pagoda. Its entire territory is given over to salons, shops, restaurants and entertainment centers. The most popular shopping complex in the capital is Taipei 101 with boutiques of Chanel, Dior, Gucci and other legendary brands. You can take a break from shopping in numerous cafes or on an observation deck with a panoramic view.

Large shopping centers in Taipei, Kaohsiung and other cities hold regular New Year sales with great discounts.

Jasper products, silk embroidery, porcelain, enamel, lacquer boxes, clothes made of wool and silk are usually brought from Taiwan. Popular with tourists are ceramics from the town of Yingge, and carved wooden figurines from the city of Sanya. But the best buy in Taiwan will be tea grown and produced by local farmers. The drink is loved so much here that championships are held annually, where the best varieties are chosen and the winners are honored.

The most unusual Taiwanese tea is Oriental Beauty, with a light aroma of honey and orange. The drink gets its unique taste due to the fact that tea leaves are bitten by special types of local cicadas.

An obligatory item of the shopping program in Taiwan is the night markets for which the island is famous. Most of them are in Taipei, the most popular among tourists is Shilin, which occupies a vast territory between Shilin and Jiantan subway stations. On countless stalls you can find souvenirs, and exotic national food, and clothes, and shoes of dubious quality, but at great prices (for example, women’s sandals cost 100-500 TWD here). Seafood lovers should definitely visit the Addiction Aquatic Development market with the freshest oysters, crabs and fish. And remember: in private shops and markets you can and should bargain.

Things to Do in Taiwan, China