The Spring Style-Three Inspiring Outfits for Spring

Spring is more than just a season-the long-awaited beginning of the most beautiful time of the year. With the sun also new outfits come. Snobtop was so friendly and has put together some tips as well as inspiring outfit ideas to make sure your spring style is successful. So I do not have much left, except to surrender to Max von Snobtop.

Stylish Spring In The City-This Is How It Works With The Spring Style

What can you wear as a man when it is neither cold nor really warm?

This is the annual dilemma we meet men every spring. For all of us who are looking forward to more sun, green parks and gardens, or the first use of their sunglasses after a long cold winter, we now have something special.

Some of us were on the road in beautiful Munich and have photographed their best spring outfits in spring temperatures. The outfit choice was not just on T-shirt and jacket, but on combinations that defy the changing spring months.

In the spring season neither the T-shirt nor the coat is suitable as a real item of clothing. Here you should be flexible and have to rely on smart combinations of different layers. Jackets should always be worn unlined, as you will have to undress them several times and together with warm layers such as sweatshirts, sweaters, etc., lead to the so-called Michelin male effect.

The combination of different garments is not wrong, because it not only protects you against bad weather and low temperatures, but also leaves you with a high degree of creativity in terms of your clothing style. However, the combination diversity also means that there is much to be considered. That is why we have put together three looks that best describe the spring style.

All products can be found in the detailed article about the spring style in the snobtop men’s magazine. The 2017 Springstrands are available at in this article.

Outfit 1-Italian And Fresh

The first outfit is dominated by Italy. The Southerners have a particularly good hand in the outfits for warmer days. So why not look at the professionals right?

For the first outfit we use a sleek velor leather jacket from Stazione Centrale. Suede leather jackets are the wrong choice at cold temperatures, but the perfect choice as soon as the sun shines. This is combined with a dark blue denim shirt by Xacus, which gives the outfit a nice depth due to the contrast of two blues. The outfit is loosely rounded by a beige Chino by Entre Amis, minimalist white sneakers by Garment Project and the EPOS sunglasses in black.The colored braided belt from Anderson gives the whole thing a bit more play.

The look looks fresh but not too summery. It invites you to the next visit in a sunny bistro or café around the corner. Just read the newspaper, drink good espresso and enjoy life.

Outfit 2-Sporty And Easy

There is something more sporty and less elegant. As a base, we choose the white Button Down shirt from Xacus, which is worn with the Khaki-colored sweatshirt by Sunspel. In general, we can recommend you the combination sweatshirt plus shirt, as this is sporty and elegant at the same time. The outfit is combined with a slim jeans by Tela Genova, which with the white Sneakern again the style nicely rounded off.

This look we can imagine perfectly on a casual casual Friday or on a relaxing weekend. Or simply swing on the bike and secure the next bank in the park. With this look, you’re never underdressed or overdressed

Outfit 3-Smarter Spring

The last outfit is fully characterized by Smart Casual. With the gray-brown jacket by Circolo in 1901, we are the foundation of this look together with the meystory sweatshirt in gray. This combination of two garments, which do not seem to fit in the traditional sense, gives the whole thing a particular dynamic. The white shirt and the white sneakers make with the handkerchief beautiful contrasts to the brown, blue and gray tones of the outfit.

This kind of style is especially appealing in creative professions and casual offices. A smart appearance is not only a profession in life but also in everyday life. Smart Casual is not a style but a setting.

Spring has always been for rebooting or tacking. Use the power and do something. The general awakening of nature and the increased number of hours of sunshine lead to some changes in human behavior-for more information see the article by  Spiegel Online.

In general you can say that the spring style stands for ease. We wear lighter clothes again, and the dark down jacket is once again banished to the cellar for a few months. Time to enjoy the first sunrays, smell the first green and drink the first beer outdoors.Leave however the T-shirt once in the closet and do not exaggerate: Packing is still announced.