The Muscular Group That Marks a Good Volume

This is the last week of training volume, some by what I have read already over it, so before the end of this first year of the want to do a post to identify what the muscle group, par excellence, that marks a good volume.

Although this post will have enough criticism of many those who are willing to make an “ constructive criticism ”, the mission to identify the muscular group that marks a good volume It is rather to put on the table the option of all you could give your opinion on the matter.

Before proceeding with the entry in question, say that I personally believe that the muscular group that marks a good volume, It is not or as it can be thought initially the chest, or a huge arms, or legs as rocks, but that the chosen Group is the back (Trapeze, dorsal and lumbar mainly).

Other muscle groups

First of all, as surely many of you will have taken hands behind the head or have given eyes to read that the group selected as a marker of good muscle volume is back, We want to talk about some of the other muscle groups:


  • The pectoral: surely many of you as the title of the post have read may have thought in the chest, a large group that makes the difference for people who train even with clothes.I have discarded the chest for one simple reason, is the muscle group that easier and harder is trained, surely anyone skip push-up, all training routines is usually put first, so it is a group that is always so trained It is easy to have a good tone after the volume.
  • Legs: This group has been the center of many post on HowStuffWorks anyone forget his training, it is a very large group that is mainly composed of four groups: glutes, Femoral, quadriceps and calves.This group have ruled out it because it’s very sacrificed, many of the people who train has growth problems, and though, you have to train it always to death, have a few big twins, a buttocks as rocks or some huge thighs It depends in great part from the person genotype. But if that should be clear that you mark a bad volume if there is a great imbalance.
  • Arms: composed of two muscle groups (excluding forearms) in more exercises are involved, even making the undercarriage exercises, such as biceps and triceps, is perhaps another part, next to the chest, which will quickly be thought in the selected group.What is clear that have some good arms is call sign have a good volume, but they are two groups grateful even, in many occasions without paying them much attention sufficient growth to generate a volume acceptable, since they are used in many exercises of other muscle groups.
  • Shoulders and abdominals: We have gathered these two muscles at the same point since both behave quite similar after a period of training volume, it is difficult to assess its evolution when they are clogged by fatBoth the abdominal and the deltoids they are more identification to mark a good definition which to mark a good volume, as we discussed in this post, hence we have discarded them to choose them as a reference group of the same.


A good volume as a reference back

Many will think that we have chosen to back by default, after what I have put above, but it is not, It has all the points to be the benchmark to mark a good muscle volume.

It is a large muscle group, a group that have had training, surely the worst muscle group to train him at home without means such as bars, pulleys and weights and, in my experience, is the Group given less importance when it comes to train him and that most people skip it when it comes to the weekly routine.

If you look at someone and see that It has the typical V-shaped on his bulky back surely your training and diet volume has been good or better known as excellent. A great back makes the chest much wider and more open and more volume to simulate.

Also see a person with a great back, surely, It will have some good biceps since they involve the most always makes any back exercise, as well as forearms are then activated in all exercises back.

A large V-shaped back will make the waist appear closer, making more compact your abdominals, and if you have a few large muscles will make that body symmetry is more abrupt and visually more aesthetic. Are all positive reasons to declare it Group that marks the good muscle volume.