The Mindshift Gear Backlight 26L in Green by JÜRgen

A few days ago, my Facebook buddy Jürgen Libertus asked me whether I would be interested in images and a report from his Mindshift gear backlight 26 L in green.”Of course” I replied. And here are his pictures and his report for you:

I’m happy out there on the road, I like to go walking. Course I through a city I a photo bag prefer one which especially doesn’t look like a camera bag. In the great outdoors or on a hiking trip other things are important, especially a good comfortable carrying system.

One moves longer there where the nearest shop ever can be away hours, it takes place for additional clothing or some food. I am a DSLR photographer and have large equipment in part, since the selection of photo backpacks are thin.

I decided me for the Mindshift Gear Backlight 26 Lin green, it must be not always black. The very good suspension system i.e. convinced me first A broad, well padded hip belt. With a backpack in which weight is and I carry for hours, the hip belt takes so much weight from his shoulders, it is just more comfortable according to

Still liked me that he is loaded by the page which is on my back has the invaluable advantage that I can put on the floor the backpack with the front, after hanging the whole mess on the jacket without having. It excited me, I can turn the backpack belt forward quickly to get to the Interior without having to drop the whole backpack. The lid is an elastic, which I can put me around the neck, so the lid won’t always works out to. A small but very practical detail.

In the photo I can get my Nikon D750, the fixed focal length 28 mm, 50 mm and 105 macro and the 70-200 2.8 loosely under and there’s always room.I’m not always about taking, but it is good if all purely goes. A compartment for a tablet or a 15 “notebook is also integrated. Of course there are side pockets for water bottles and strap to attach a tripod. Front there is a large area for all kinds of things, also divided into smaller compartments for memory cards and and and. This part can be pulled forward to get some more storage space.

Mindshift who smaller looks even more like a backpack, photo equipment or only with a lens on the road, can the backpack for a multi day tours on a hiking trail wonderful use. Outer material is made of nylon and endures a serious rain easily. An additional rain cover is included of course.

The processing makes a very good impression, you have the feeling people at work were, who knew exactly what photographers need, use their equipment in the nature. Small details such as small clips that prevent that to adjust a belt clip or even dissolves can be found also. A special offer of the backpack is certainly not, but I do not feel to have paid too much for it.For me, it’s worth its price and delivers exactly what I expect at anOutdoorfotorucksack .

Thank you Dear Jürgen. I like very much.