The 3 Most Common Mistakes Committed in the Fishery

Every good fisherman you know that some flaws in your process of fishing can put the search for the perfect fish at risk. These failures, however, are more common than we realize and often are committed even by experienced fishermen.

If you do not want to risk committing these failures and put it all away, that you like to visit the three most common mistakes made in fishery and that you should avoid in your routine fisherman ? Check out below!

No sleep before of the fishery

An error that seems silly, but it must be taken into account for you not to commit on your routine fisherman , is not sleeping well before the fishing. As this sport requires us to have maximum concentration and patience as you can, you won’t be able to get the best result if you are falling asleep, isn’t it?

Some fishermen prefer fishing early in the morning, as well as make better use of the day, this is the time when fish move from one location to another – for the rest of the day they are more “fixed”. For this reason, it is important to be well rested in order to be able to concentrate better during this period.

Do not prepare the material the day before

To have a fishing excellent need to rely on a flawless material. So you don’t forget equipment, or don’t remember to pack some particular object, avoid organize and prepare your material at short notice of the fishery, to not put your practice at risk. The recommended is always leave everything organized the day before of the fishery, to leave nothing behind.

In addition to fix all your material and organize before the fishing you need to choose what you’re taking, not to carry unnecessary items. Two of the essential items for any type of fishing are provided by


An item that can never be missing in your fishing are the hooks . There are several types of hooks available in the market, but each has a different utility. For this reason most people have questions about when and where to use them. Stay tuned to choose the right hooks for use in fisheries in Lakes or at sea, to have more success in catching your fish.


The fishing rods are essential items for your fishing and choose the ideal model varies greatly according to the type of fishing . For example, on the beach, the type of fishing rod more indicated are the long rods (antennas). If you are fishing in coastal sea embedded, the appropriate rods are shorter. However if your fishing is carried out in Lake or river the rod needs to be sized and quite flexible.

Leave to wash the material long after fishing

The attention and care that you may have with the tools, materials and accessories used in fishing are great, especially if you fished in saltwater, which is able to coroer the metal as time. For this reason it is important to create a habit of always wash your fishing materials after practice this sport, to ensure the maintenance of quality and long service life of the equipment.

Which of these three most common mistakes made in fishery have you noticed in your routine? You usually have some care to avoid them? Tell us! Share your experiences!