Syria Children

Where are people fleeing to?

More than five million Syrians have fled abroad and half of them are children. Many have to go a long way and often on foot. Some still have their parents, some flee alone and some with their siblings. Often times they saw terrible things. They often find it difficult to sleep and are very scared.

Most of the refugees flee to neighboring countries such as Lebanon or Jordan. Many end up in the refugee camps in Turkey or end up in Greece. These countries have also taken in many refugees. Few of them manage to escape to European countries such as Germany or Sweden. While they were welcomed here at the beginning, many Germans no longer want to take in refugees. They are afraid they will be neglected themselves.

Most Syrians have not fled abroad at all, and certainly not to Europe, but somehow seek protection in their own country. They are then called internally displaced people because they flee within the country.

Before 2011

When we talk about Syria and talk about Syria, we have to look at two different situations, namely the time before the civil war and the time after it. Even before the civil war that began in 2011, the situation in Syria was difficult for many people, especially those who did not agree with the government of Bashar al-Sadat.

But there was no war. Whoever wants to know something about Syria has to know both. Only then can you understand why it is so difficult for many people to leave their ruined country, in which they have lived happily ever after for many years. Many families argue about whether to leave or stay. Photos still remind of the time before the war.

You can find out how this terrible war came about under “History and Politics” and under “Everyday Life – Questions”.

After 2011

Since the civil war broke out in Syria in 2011, the lives of many people are no longer safe. Many places such as the cities of Aleppo and Homs were largely destroyed. There are also regions where bombs have stopped falling or have stopped falling, but since many people live in the larger cities, they are all targets of attack. In particular, the Syrian army, with the support of the Russian army, bombed entire districts. Often schools and hospitals were also destroyed.

While it is officially said that terrorists are being hunted down, many innocent people are killed or injured, many of them children. In all the chaos people try to survive somehow, just those who cannot or do not want to flee.

The use of poison gas, a gas that kills people, is particularly bad. Many children also fell victim to this commitment. Foreign countries outlaw these attacks, which always cause innocent people to suffer. So far, the culprits have not been held accountable.

Children and School

Six million children fell victim to the war in Syria

More than six million children in Syria are victims of the war in some form. Many of them now live on the streets and are left to fend for themselves. Others work to help and support their families. But there is almost no (paid) job left in Syria, a country located in Middle East according to paradisdachat. Play outside? What seems natural to you has long ceased to be for a Syrian child. The danger of being injured is too great.

Are you looking forward to a day off from school? Sure, a break like that isn’t bad at all. It’s different in Syria. Many schools no longer exist and the children don’t even go to class. Either the way to school is far too dangerous or the school is broken or the danger of a bomb falling on the school is far too great. Parents no longer send their children to school, not just for a day, but for weeks, months, and now sometimes for years.

Syria Children