Phuket, Thailand

The island of Phuket is located in the province of the same name in southwestern Thailand. Phuket is popular among tourists because of its beautiful diving locations and beautiful beaches. Phuket is therefore often included as a relaxation destination in a tour through Thailand. Enjoy the tropical sandy beaches and the beautiful underwater world for a week or more. The downside of Phuket’s popularity is that it has a less authentic feel than the lesser-known beach destinations in Thailand due to the great interest from foreign tourists. For those who want to see more of Phuket than beach and fishing, we have listed a number of nice sights.

Top 10 places to visit in Phuket

#1. Waterfalls and beaches
According to franciscogardening, the most beautiful and rare waterfalls can be found in the east of Phuket. These are the Bang Pae, Kathu waterfall and Ton Sai. Bang Pae is the largest waterfall in Phuket and you can find it, just like the Ton Sai waterfall, in the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. The beaches of Phuket are diverse, but all equally beautiful. Phatong Beach is the most famous beach in Phuket. There are many activities and the nightlife is very popular there. Karon Beach is a bit quieter and is located at a place where many artists live. Surfers and family can go to Kata Beach. The beach is surrounded by palm trees and the accommodations are closer to the beach. It has a somewhat quieter environment. Phi Phi Island is highly sought after as a beach location.

#2. Temples
There are about 29 temples in Phuket. Special temples are for example ‘Wat Put Yaw’. This is a 200 years old very beautiful temple. This temple with beautiful mosaic parts is located in Ranong Road. Wat Chalong is Phuket’s most important temple. This is mainly due to its large size and particularly beautiful appearance. ‘Wat Chalong’ is located about 8 km south of Phuket town. ‘Wat Arun’ is one of the most striking temples in Thailand. ‘Wat Arun’ is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. The imposing tower is more than 70 meters high and is decorated with various pieces of glass and porcelain. At night, this temple is magically lit. ‘Wat Mahathat’ is not just a temple. It is also an important center for the study of Buddhism and meditation. Special temple tours can be booked, so you can visit many of the most beautiful temples.

#3. Laem Phrompthep
From Laem Phrompthep you have a view of a phenomenal sunset. There are people who say that if you haven’t been here, you haven’t seen Phuket. This cape is about 2 km from Rawai Beach. The panoramic view over the Andaman Sea should certainly be mentioned.

#4. Underwater world
Phuket has an underwater world that is definitely worth seeing. You can snorkel and dive there. You can get your diving license here or just take a day trip to see the fish and other aquatic animals up close under the supervision of a diving instructor. The diving season in Phuket runs from November to April. During the low season, visibility is less underwater and some diving schools are even closed.

#5. Ko Raya
Ko Raya is an archipelago south of Phuket. The island is no bigger than 2 x 3 km and has a few picturesque beaches and some rocky coves. On these hilly islands, large parts are just jungle. There are a few tourist accommodations. It is about 45 minutes by speedboat from Phuket.

#6. Phang Nga Bay
Whoever visits Phang Nga Bay will be overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. It has a high recommendation to explore the coastline with a kayak. In the wonderfully clear water you sail past limestone cliffs and narrow coves that almost look like little rooms. Divers also get their money’s worth in Phang Nga Bay. There are several small islands nearby. Similan Island, where, for example, a nature park is located, which in turn consists of a number of other islands. This park is recognized as one of the best diving locations in the world. Other well-known islands in the area are James Bond Island and Koh Panyee.

#7. Boat Tours
There are several ways to explore and explore Phuket. The most beautiful way is by sailing boat. It is not called the most beautiful sailing area in the world for nothing. The most amazing colors pass by when you sail along the rocky coasts of Phuket and its islands. Special diving locations such as Similan and Surin pass by, but also the postcard island of Phi Phi in the Andaman Sea. With a kayak it is possible to explore a little more privately and admire the rocky coasts from very close. But renting a speedboat or booking a boat excursion are also possible.

#8. Nightlife
Patong Beach and Bangla Road are actually the most famous entertainment areas of Phuket. Patong Beach has its beach and sun seekers during the day, but in the evening everything turns into a nightlife paradise. Clubs, bars, shops, restaurants, stalls, karaoke bars, cabaret show, fun excursions and lots of neon lighting make this area a vibrant place. At Kata Beach it is all a bit cozier and quieter. The range of bars, shops, clubs and restaurants is slightly less, but very pleasant. In the evening there is often a small market. This is the ‘Kata Night Bazaar’. Bangla Road is located in the more eccentric part of Phuket. This part often comes alive when Patong Beach closes. Here you will mainly find go-go bars and brothels, but also normal nightlife. The music echoes through the streets as most bars and clubs are partially open air.

#9. Phuket Town
Phuket Town has a beautiful architecture. You see a mix of colonial and Chinese influences. Many houses are made of wood, because metal used to be too expensive. Early morning is the best time to explore Phuket’s old town. It is not too hot then and you have enough time to visit a museum or sanctuary, for example.

#10. Big Buddha in Chalong
On top of Nakkerd Hills, between Chalong and Kata is Phuket’s big Buddha. This Buddha can be visited via a six kilometer long road. Hundreds of tourists every day visit this Buddha which can be seen from many places in Phuket. Big Buddha is dedicated to King Bhumibol Adulyadej in honor of his 80th birthday. It was made from donations and consists of reinforced concrete with white jade marble on top. As a result, the sun shines on this huge Big Buddha statue, which gives it even more prestige.

Phuket, Thailand