Shared Bikes Complete One Year in Fortaleza

According To Prefecture, Fortaleza System Is The Most Used In Brazil. Capital Of CearÁ Has 60 Stations And 600 Shared Bikes.

The shared bicycle system in Fortaleza completes a year of services on Tuesday (15) with more than 574 thousand trips, according to the city hall, using the 600 system bicycles available in the 60 stations in the city. With more than 100 thousand registered users, 76% of this total using the Single Ticket, and with 6,4 thousand trips per station, the system is the most used in Brazil, taking into account the number of trips per season.

According to the City of Fortaleza, the system has an average of 2,690 trips daily on weekdays and, on November 24, reached its highest mark with 2,938 trips. According to the survey, one-third of users are female. The average profile is composed of 38% students, and 75% of all users are between 15 and 35 years old, reported by Insurancejust.

For the Executive Secretary of SCSP, Luiz Alberto Saboia, the Bicycle System encourages the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation that does not pollute the environment and contributes to sustainable mobility in the city. “Our goal is to move forward to develop more and better initiatives that allow the safe movement of cyclists,” he says.


In order to register, the user must fill out the data on  the Bicycling website  or download the Bicycling application on the smartphone and opt for a membership plan with daily rate (R $5), monthly (R $10) or annual (R $60) , Informing the credit card where the amount of the chosen plan will be charged. The same credit card can be in unlimited registrations.Whoever is a Single Ticket user does not need to make the membership plan, but must register.