Research Proves: Healthy Transport=Healthy Living!

Nowadays, it is very common to worry about our well-being. But one of the biggest villains of our health is still there, more and more present: the car!

A study by the British Media Association, published in Popular Science magazine, has proven with facts and facts that cars fatten and shorten life expectancy.

According to the study, called ‘Healthy Transport=Healthy Lives’, the increase in the number of vehicles in the last decades had the following negative health impacts:

-More risk of an accident, leaving pedestrians and cyclists more vulnerable;
-More exposure to air pollutants, reducing life expectancy;
-Who uses only the car to get around has a higher rate of obesity;
-Areas with more traffic present higher mortality due to diseases related to air pollution;
-The traffic causes disturbances caused by noise pollution.

And how to avoid all those harms caused by heavy use of the car as a means of transportation? The study of the British Middle Association shows that the way is to bet on more active forms of locomotion whenever possible, such as walking or pedaling.

“Walking and cycling are the most sustainable forms of transportation and are associated with a number of recognized health benefits,” the survey says. Here are some proven benefits below:

-Increases mental health;
-Improves mood;
-Reduces the risk of premature death;
-It helps to lose weight;
-Prevents chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, osteosporosis, depression and cancer;

Despite advocating bicycling and walking whenever possible, the study understands that for longer journeys, public transportation should be used to avoid car use. “Combining active means (cycling and walking) with public transport can help the population achieve the recommended level of daily physical activity,” say researchers.

With these scientifically proven results, the British Media Association suggests greater government investment in creating incentives for more active forms of transport, not making the car the best choice for short trips within cities.

Now, knowing that using the car most of the time is bad for your health, is not it time to rationalize and rethink the lifestyle we lead? Would not it be time to start using more of the city’s public transportation, start pedaling for short journeys, or even start walking for a few appointments? Your health will certainly thank you!