Rank 6 X MamanguÁ Sleeping Bag

Well… We were Clapping and going to Red Beach on the other side of the island, right?

The wind was against, but not too strong, not to give up our rowing too, but wasn’t too weak and so we were going through Abraham, and all the beaches and the villages of Ilha Grande that are geared toward the Mainland.

On the way we meet two enforques, i.e., places where the island looked thin and shallow and depending on the tide to pass between the stones. The other option would be to paddle 5 km more to work around one arm of the island.

Go through these rocks could be risky for both the boat and may damage your housing, as for both of us. A cut made by coral could easily leave a fever and spoil our trip. But it was either that or paddling over 5 km.

On the other side of this first focus was the Blue Lagoon. What a lovely place. But, unfortunately, it’s extremely frequented by tour boats.

To our happiness and surprise the other focus was a Green Pond, which had only a tourist boat with few people. Beautiful!

A funny moment of the trip: we asked for the boat if Red Beach was still far away and in the way was a PF (Dish), he said no, that we’d go through Araçatibae we could get something to eat there, and that red Beach was soon after. Commented that he had seen the people the day before in palms and asked if we had been there. When we said no and we left we heard in Copacabana chorus a OHHHHHH of gringos. We trade more with these guys and we continue our rowing.

We stopped to eat in Araçatiba as recommended by the Boatman, and keep moving thinking of stopping at Red Beach, but a little Beach invites us. There was a House and we were negotiating with the owners if we could stay on the beach. At first the lady who received us was a little suspicious, but soon released and said we could sleep on the beach without the tent.

That night I had a fright when I went to get the food in bags. A Choir came out of one of the bags we had left open while you fix the equipment. Time froze to be barefoot and unprotected, for a second I tried to get on cobra for a photo, but she escaped and ran away. What a shock.

The next morning we woke up very early. We wanted to take advantage of the tide and the wind and we knew to get out in the morning was good and so we did. Even with a few rays, we put the boat in the water and quickly we left big island and facing the Bay of Ilha Grande. We keep the open sea from our left side and more than 10 km to any terra firma that wasn’t our point of departure. And so we crossed the Bay of Ilha Grande with the Saco do Mamanguá.

The fatigue that had been accumulating wouldn’t let our rowing was as strong as those of the early days and progressed more slowly and still won, because the wind didn’t hurt and the tide would help. We begin to see the arms of the continent with more clarity, but we didn’t know the bag and it was island or continent. We fought a bit with the map, until we discussed a little bit between us, but then we understand each other and packed up our azimuth. Passing the island of cotton saw an amazing sailboat with white candles. Would the sailboat that our hostess and friend was? Yes, it was the sailboat that was Veronica and a few more strokes we arrived at her house.

The boat entering the bag and starting the maneuvers to lower the sail and navigate on the engine.

We had Completed our trip.

Veronica even without believing that we had completed the book and were still alive.

The place is just beautiful, a corner of sea with a House hidden in the Woods, a beach that time comes and that hour and all in perfect harmony.

Amazingly we arrived together, she left the sailboat of Paraty and we we went out kayaking. A brief celebration of arrival and we landed, they of the sailboat with 50 feet and we our kayak with little more than 7 m.

In the Saco do Mamanguá we would be three more days. The Interior is even more beautiful, something rustic, others would say retro. A timeless House.

A decoration without much intention

Veronica came sailing North American friends who were going to the South of the continent. In enturmamos and Veronica schism in put the network and with one of the boys went to do the mission. This mission of caiçara that only we’d know if going to work the next day.

Going by the network.

Next morning very early mornings to remove the network and until we get something, but it was time to eat that came the surprise, the meat didn’t taste very good. That same day I find the little house with some arbaletes and diving material and never having made sub hunt took a risk. Of course I took nothing, but it’s the end of the day and the sea didn’t help.

The place has no electric light

The next day I put a stack on strong guys to move up the Sugar Loaf Mountain, a Rocky Mountain which is on the opposite side of the House from Veronica. I knew there was a way of climbing conquered by Baron for many years and wanted to see the mountain. According to SleepingBagsexpo, ended up going only 4 children, Caiçaras and the canoes across sleeping bag to a beach where the beginning of the trail.

Simply beautiful again.

Upstairs we had a privileged view of the entire region and unfortunately the Angra Nuclear power plant was part of the scenario.

Visual Ridge-bottom of the bag

Without knowing where is the beginning and the end of the road back home, but still worth only this ride.

Canoe caiçara. Paddle in our kayak is soft compared to that.

Back home I took again the Harpoon and this time it worked, took 7 fish, a few more boys 5 and vinyl a can  and so we guarantee one more meal.

The next day was a Sunday, the day that we agreed with the mother of vinyl for us in Paraty. We’ve arranged things calmly, we said our goodbyes and more rowing to Paraty. It was a lot faster than we imagined. The Church of Paraty was increasing and when least expected, we were becoming the kayak in celebration by completing our TRIP.

Packing our things w/the stroke end, Paraty. This place that caique this is a beach which comes and goes depending on the tide and you can only get the caique to this place with high tide.

Continues reading.

Meet the mother of vinyl and with the Fil (friend of vinyl), we celebrated a lot to trip and while we cleaned the car travel equipment, the Fil and Simone were give a roll of Kayak.

With everyone very happy, we began our trip back to the River, but before we had a quick stop to get something to eat.

Fed, now we leave and we decided to go for the Dutra knowing that the Rio Santos was on site and used to bottle.

On the climb of the Sierra car boils, breaks down and we’re going for a good few kilometers stopping and putting the water route that was increasingly short.

Our first stop of 7889.

Then came 1 hour in which became untenable and the car stopped again. We get to take the radiator of the car and that I found a hole in the radiator. The “colaepox” that would be to paste the kayak in the event of an accident went to the hole in the radiator that didn’t last long and broke again.

We dragging up to Delhi and already almost coming on Brazil Avenue the ElbaRover asked for truce from time