Qatar Culture

Modern and traditional

The medical care of the Qataris is good, the locals usually earn well, the school system is well developed and the residents don’t even have to pay anything for water or electricity. The emir of the country takes care of all of this and it is in his interest that the residents are well. Because only in this way can he prevent people from demanding more freedom rights. Criticizing the royal family is also problematic. Qatar is also a land of contrasts.

What do you do in your free time in Qatar?

If you want to do something in your free time in Qatar, you can go to one of the large shopping centers. There is then shopping. But only those who have money can afford the often expensive products.

Are also popular leisure and theme parks that are built to the delight of locals, but also tourists.

Car racing in the desert

Alternatively, you can also go to the desert, because Qatar has enough of that. This is how you speed across the sand dunes in your jeep. In general, the car has an important place in Qatar. Anyone who can afford it drives a car. A rethink is only slowly taking place. But a full tank of fuel is so cheap that very few even think about it.

Camel racing

If you travel to Qatar between October and March, you can watch a traditional camel race here. The race for the prize of the Emir is particularly famous, as the fastest camels from the Arabian Peninsula and Sudan take part in these races. In the past, children were used as jockeys in camel races because they are less weighty. Robots are now used as riders.


Football has become an important factor in Qatar. This sport is also promoted by the state, here you want to be successful. German teams often train in Qatar’s stadiums when it’s cold here in winter. There is even a women’s national soccer team. But even here the women are often veiled. However, they only show arms and legs without covering during training. Not everyone in Qatar thinks that’s a good thing, especially the conservatives think football is a very unfeminine sport. Nevertheless, there are women who like to play football, and in any case it is not forbidden in Qatar.

… and other sports

In addition to soccer, there are many other sports in Qatar that are played in Qatar, such as swimming, tennis, golf, handball, table tennis and basketball. Many women are also involved here and also form their own teams, such as a basketball team.

A world championship at 50 degrees?

As a country located in Middle East according to calculatorinc, Qatar has been selected to host the 2022 World Cup. That is why there was and is a lot of discussion. It says in the room that the many guest workers who work on the construction sites for the World Cup are being exploited. The human rights organization Amnesty International repeatedly criticizes the poor working conditions and, above all, the violation of human rights when dealing with workers. They are poorly paid or paid too late, live in poor conditions in camps and have to do dangerous jobs. Those who refuse either receive no wages or are even prevented from returning.

It is also questionable whether the awarding of the world championship was done with the right things. A desert state that can get as hot as 50 degrees – is it even allowed to be a location for a major international sporting event? In the meantime the games have been moved to the Qatari winter, but even then it can still get very warm there.

Qatar Culture

Eating in Qatar

Spices as a secret mixture

Since Qatar is home to a large number of people from many different countries, there is a wide selection of dishes. The classic Arabic specialties are of course also available in Qatar. And this kitchen lives mainly from delicious spices, which include cardamom, coriander, sesame, coriander and turmeric. Each family develops its own special recipe that is passed on and not revealed. As in other Arab countries, pork is avoided in Qatar for religious reasons. There is a lot more lamb instead. Milk is also often avoided.

Starters and main courses in Qatar

One of the most important dishes in Qatar is a porridge made from chickpeas, lemon and sesame, Called hummus. Fried the whole thing is called falafel, which can also be bought here from us. A popular dish is also tabbouleh, a dish made from durum wheat semolina to which chopped tomatoes, lemon and parsley are added. Often other vegetables are cut into it.

The starters are an important item on the menu. They are called mezze and are served cold. The main course is often lamb, which is cooked in different ways. Chicken is also on the menu, often pickled in a fine yogurt sauce.

Fish very fresh

Since Qatar is by the sea, fish is always on the table and it is often fresh. Another popular dish is kabouli, a rice dish with raisins and pine nuts.

Fruits are just as popular; in addition to dates, there are also apples and lemons or oranges.

Qatari people like to serve flatbread with all meals. This consists of flour, salt and water. Traditionally it is mostly baked in a clay oven.

The sweeter the better

Baklawa is also popular as a dessert in Qatar, which is pretty sweet for our taste, but in Arab countries this dessert is definitely one of them. Likewise halva, no less sweet and made from butter, sugar, eggs and nuts.

No alcohol, but lots of tea

Alcohol is actually not allowed to be served in Qatar, a Muslim country. As a concession to the guest workers from the west, there is still alcohol in restaurants and hotels that have a permit. The residents prefer to drink tea, to which a large amount of sugar is then added. But there are also many other delicious tea blends with mint or lemon. Strong mocha is also very popular.