Meet Our Eyewear Shop in SetÚBal

The Glass Industry is one of the most reputed optics in the district of Setúbal. Having a portfolio of clients that are very diversified geographically and encompasses districts as diverse as Lisbon, Setúbal and Alcácer do Sal, among others. But why do so many kilometers to visit a shop of glasses in Setubal?

What is special about our spectacle shop in Setúbal?

The answer is simple.The Industry of the Spectacles has an excellent relation quality/price.In Industry we give customers from all walks of life the opportunity to acquire glasses and contact lenses to improve their vision.

Our glasses shop in Setúbal bets heavily on promotions. This is one of the main arguments because we receive customers from Évora, Beja or Mafra , among other regions of the country. But, do not think that it is only the price or the possibility of acquiring quality optical products at values ​​accessible to all the exchanges.

A very special service

Our glasses shop in Setúbal also offers a personalized service.What makes every guest feel special and feel at home.That’s one of the main reasons why we get customers from so many different geographies.

On the other hand, our spectacle shop in Setúbal makes a continuous bet on innovation.A proof of this is our new lens trimmer.This new machine allows customers to view their glasses to be made on the spot, while they stroll absentmindedly or drink coffee.

Another proof is our virtual mirror, which allows customers who arrive at our shop in Setúbal through the Internet to simulate how a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses rests on their faces via SUNGLASSESWILL . These are just some of the reasons why our glasses shop in Setúbal is worth visiting.