Manolo Test: Clayvalet

How often have we not seen a garment, in a newspaper or on another Manolo-readers, and subsequently spent åtaliga hours to look for similar?More often than not is the garment in question svårfunnet and looking for you online, it’s even worse. For this situation, the site ClayValetcreated his post. Here you get your own personal shopper who find the garment in online shopping. But does it work? has tested.

The site is really just a form where they enter their request to the best of our ability to then sit back and wait for the response. Usually goes on for 24 hours, if you believe them themselves. Everyone gets five free requests per week at present.

It sounds a little too good to be true, so we decided to try three different kinds of searches to see how they managed a variety of plaggtyp and detail. The questions we sent were as follows:

round neck pure cashmere sweaters for men, from a shop that ships to Sweden. Price is more important than the finest quality.

a leather bag that is small enough to use as cabin luggage, but preferably could fit clothes for a whole weekend. A contemporary and distinguished look would be nice!

a pair of Nike Air Jordan Olympic VII in size US 10.5.

The last question we chose also to clarify when we did not get any result, and then became the question like this:

a pair of Nike Air Jordan Olympic VII in size US 10.5. It’s a pair of basketball shoes made by Nike, and into the Olympic color edition-white, blue, red and gold. Originally released in 1992 but a retro version came out around 2002.

As the links above reveal, only the first request that came back with a positive response. Or a response at all I’ll say. Mount Cashmere may be the proper option, but is it really the best? Doubtful.

Not to find a leather bag that you can have that hand baggage is directly curiously, and picking up a pair of Nike Air Jordan Olympic VII requires only a simple eBay search. To be personal shoppers, they have something to learn about online shopping.

As online shopping are evolving, several ancillary services to emerge. And to get a helping hand in this shoppingdjungel is a good business idea. Clayvalet is unfortunately not the solution to this problem. But we hope that successors can handle the task better.