Learn About the Eight Most Common Errors of the Workout

Many times, the practice of exercises physical is part of a goal to be reached. Can be a health issue, the will to change something in our body aesthetically or performance of an activity that would allow us to relax. Whatever your target, the practice should be mindful to avoid injuries, ailments and frustrations.

Learn About the Eight Most Common Errors of the Workout 1

The physiotherapist Maria Cristina Schneider points out the eight errors common to those who knit, and gives suggestions so that you do not fall into these traps.

Lack of motivation: it Is common to begin a new cycle full of optimism. But with the pass of some time we ended up decreasing the pike and accommodating, even abandoning the challenge. The best is to not have so much expectation in the initial stages. Instead, use the energy to stay focused on the outcome expected in the long term. This will keep us practicing the exercises for long enough for the objective to be achieved

Inadequate breathing: One of the natural processes of the human body that consume the most energy is the breath. During the practice of physical activity is vital to remember to breathe properly, as well as inhale and exhale in sync with the muscular effort

Learn About the Eight Most Common Errors of the Workout 2

Low consumption of water: The body is composed of liquids which are essential to the body’s natural processes. To put our body in movement requires care, as, for example, always keep it hydrated. Otherwise, you may end up subjecting your body to the discomforts that interfere with the quality of their practice. Drink water before and after the practice of physical exercises. The recommended is 2 litres distributed throughout the day

Use of clothes and accessories that are inappropriate: For which objectives may be achieved it is essential that the body maintains conditions to practice the chosen activity so pleasurable. Blisters, calluses, diaper rash, or even more serious damage may alienate you from your practice and, consequently, of your goal. Use adequate clothes and accessories is a necessary care for any physical activity

Learn About the Eight Most Common Errors of the Workout 3

Do activity that doesn’t agree with you: commit to perform a physical activity may not mean a task to be fulfilled in his day. For that the effects appear, it is crucial that you are aware of while putting the body in motion. If your members move without the rest aware, the results will be weak and isolated in addition to facilitating the emergence of any injury

Change very objective: If you commit to something, do not change your mind as soon as you see the friend reaching faster the other type of goal or just because he learned a wonderful technique and want to apply it. Stay faithful and focused, performing with dedication to your job right that he was thinking for and to you. Of course, if that is the case, improve it whenever possible, but be careful not to change it all the time and end up leaving your body confused about what you expect of him

The absence of the guidance of a professional: The presence of a professional can not only avoid lions but, mainly, to avoid that you fall into traps and make efforts beyond measure or unnecessarily

Ignore the alerts of the body: in Addition to being 100% conscious during the practice, look for signs during and after each group of exercises. Ask your body how it feels, tired or refreshed. Do not ignore pain, dizziness, involuntary contractions or pain. Pay attention to the rhythm of your breathing, it can always serve of indicative if something is not right