Kawasaki Puts on The ZX-10R Promotion Until September

With the arrival of good weather sports bikes, some of which have been hidden in garages during the harsh winter, begin to take to the streets. For this reason some brands such as Kawasaki want to seize the moment to try to sell some sports more, and put the batteries with the price.

Thus the Kawasaki ZX-10R is promotion until September 30 with most interesting discounts. The normal price of a Kawasaki ZX-10R is 15.499 euros and with Kawa-GO promotion! stays in 13.535 euros, what it means a saving of 1.965 euros.

On the other hand is the version Eco2Logic of the ZX-10R, It costs 14.325 euros. This also Kawa-GO promotion affects you! and until the 30th of September is available for “only” 12,500 euros. To see if other brands begin to play this the summer price war and thus all those who are thinking about what will be their sport for the next few months will be winners.