Iwc Watches – an Eventful Company History

One reads through the company history of the international watch company passes the time like in the flights. It is so unusual, impressive and ultimately resulted in IWC today is one of the most respected manufacturers of luxury watches. It all began with the American Florentine Ariosto Jones, who was a watchmaker as a teenager in Boston.

IWC Watches

But he was not only a keen sense of the fine mechanics, but also a sense of business. So he ventured the leap across the Atlantic at the age of 27 in 1868 and became independent in the mother country of watchmaking. In Switzerland. But not like most watchmakers in Switzerland but about 300 kilometres further West on the High Rhine renowned.

Until today, the headquarters of the international watch company located here. But although IWC is famous for a wide range of high-precision, suitable for extreme situations watches for decades, the success was the company not in the cradle. Although IWC in the founding years quickly grew to nearly 200 employees, but the high import duties in the United States soon slowed from the shops. It was followed by two bankruptcies and several changes at the top. At the beginning of the 20th century even the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung was co-owner.

IWC lost its name, watch factory by Ernst Homberger Rauschenbach was called for nearly half a century, and would almost have been destroyed in the second world war during an air raid. Gold price increase, quartz crisis, dollar collapse, the times were not easy then. the family business was sold in 1978, 1991, Mannesmann took over. Today is the watchmaker in the quiet waters. Watches made by IWC are worldwide highly traded and valued.

A very special geographical location

The Geneva seal is a feature of the award and above all the quality features in addition to the origin. Major watch manufacturers have transferred their seat allowed to be the hallmark of Geneva as a feature. Not as IWC, which until today in Schaffhausen is home and here is the only watchmaker. In Schaffhausen, just a few kilometres from the German border is quite a town with a long tradition of watchmaking. Already 1409 a watch of the monastery was built here, dated 1583 even on a document in which the existence of a clockmaker Guild is occupied. Because the edge location in Eastern Switzerland not simplifies the search for qualified young people, IWC since long opts for own apprenticeship.

in 1968, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the company, a training centre was opened. in 2001, it was replaced by a new, more modern Center. All dedicated to the production of high-quality and precision watches for highest demands. The company prides itself on its site support and the solidarity of the region, so that it is even today referred as IWC Schaffhausen. In an own museum shows the outstanding pieces IWC Schaffhausen and vividly tells the company’s own history.

The IWC Watches collections

IWC has brought some watches on the market that have made history and include the standard to this day. From the House of IWC, the first wristwatch came with Grande Complication. Signboards are also up to 2000 metres waterproof diving watches or watches, IWC stood and stands for technical innovations. So, the first watch with a digital display was built already in the mid 1880s. The Pallweber pocket watch. Currently entertainment includes six collections, IWC calls them families.

The family of engineers

The legendary independent watchmaker is responsible for many watches that have cult status today. For IWC, revised mid-1970s a watch that was there since 1955 and was this inspired by a diver, he had observed on the Lake of Geneva. The helmet is connected to screw with the tightening can mature the idea in him no longer to hide the screws and holes on the dial, but to show open on the bezel. He thus underscore the designer wisdom “Form follows function” and the engineer SL became the favourite of men with a preference for understated and rather unassuming watches of the highest quality. The engineer is available in many different models with different complications.

The Portuguese family

The Portuguese family are a throwback to the great seafaring of Portuguese origin and connect nautical instruments, with contemporary design and trend-setting mechanism. The first clients were two Portuguese merchants in the 1930th years. This collection offers Chronographs which do their service reliably even under harsh conditions. Even and especially on the high seas. Almost all imaginable complications and even a grande complication are available.

The da Vinci family

The universal scholar Leonardo da Vinci, but he is well known for thousands of inventions and works of art, made sketches for the earliest movements of the Renaissance. At a IWC the astounding initiated since Vinci exhibition was great, as a supposed flight drive by the Tuscan genius turned out as the ur-movement. Reason enough for IWC da Vinci since the 1960s with a series of own watch to commemorate. The models today are tonneau-shaped case fitted and come up with sophisticated, but also rather simple complications.

The Portofino family

The lightness of the Mediterranean way of life, the expression of this collection is paired with classic and elegance. The Portofino is an expression of understatement and good taste. Offers an alternative to the ever more daring Jew­elry that inconspicuous, since the late of 1970s. It stands for clear proportions and just a hint of extravagance.

The Aquatimer family

As the 1960s the diving was becoming increasingly popular, responded IWC and brought the first model of the Aquatimer series on the market in 1967. The current collection, launched in 2009, offers even several innovations and attracts water sports enthusiasts all over the world.

The pilot’s watch family

IWC pilot’s watches builds since 1936. And even at that time as a wristwatch, not for now mostly as a pocket watch. This tradition continues to this day. The collection is so complex as varied, but always best comfort for men who rise to the skies.

The men’s watch

IWC plays until today like with that of some criticized, but also multiple award-winning advertising “almost as complicated as women. But just in time”. In fact, sees itself as a manufacturer of Watches IWC and focuses on ” masculine values such as strength, athleticism and fascination with technology”.

Those who come to Hong Kong have to IWC

Around the world, IWC has a dense network of dealers. There are authorized dealers on all continents, alone in Germany there are almost 70. But only in Hong Kong, there is the flagship boutique with exclusive IWC accessories collection in a very small Edition. Ever manages to surpass the high demands of customers IWC not only with the own watches, but also with the service again and again.