How to Rent a Car to Travel

Are you ready to meet a new destination? Before you go, understand why car hire is the best option and how it can be done!

We know that few things in life are better than travel – whether by plane, by car or by any other means of transport. The important thing is to know incredible destinations and live experiences that will be in memory.

How to Rent a Car to Travel

However, when you need to hit the road somewhere during the journey, it is important to be careful about the mode of transport you choose. After all, you don’t want to risk your well-being and anyone else’s with you, do you?

This is precisely one of the reasons why it is interesting to rent a car to travel. This is a very simple but extremely beneficial process! That way you have a safe vehicle for the duration of your trip and you can enjoy your rides with peace of mind. Like the idea? So, see how to do this in the post!

Why rent a car to travel?

More freedom

This is certainly one of the main benefits of renting a car for travel: freedom. When you rent a vehicle, you have more flexibility and comfort to move between itineraries, stop when and for as long as you want, create new routes, and even put your favorite tunes on the road.

The freedom of this choice also brings plenty of autonomy. This is because if you travel by plane or bus to your chosen destination, when you get there, you will depend on some type of transport to make the trips. It is also worth remembering that it is common in some locations for airports to be a little far from the city, such as Recife, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo (Guarulhos), etc.

Less maintenance costs

Many people are so excited about the trip that they forget one extremely important aspect for road users: maintenance. It is through this procedure that it will be possible to check the actual conditions of the car (such as tires, wheels, alignment, suspension, brake, fluids, engine, etc.), checking if it is even able to run smoothly.

All this, as you can imagine, generates expenses. That is, a good amount of money that you could be using for fun while traveling should be earmarked for vehicle maintenance.

However, when renting a car for travel, these costs are also the responsibility of the rental company – and there is no need to worry as they keep their cars up to date.

No need to pay taxes

Of course, having a car of your own is a huge advantage, especially for those who need to travel frequently to meet their daily commitments. However, a negative point of this good is that the user needs to bear expenses that weigh heavily in the budget, such as:

  • IPVA;
  • licensing fee;
  • plating, among others.

If you only use the vehicle for travel, relying on public and / or shared transportation for other trips, including commuting, renting is an even more interesting option. Remember that the rental car does not incur any of the expenses mentioned above – as they are the responsibility of the rental company.

Car options are varied

When renting a car for travel, you can choose from a variety of options and categories – from compact to the largest and most luxurious – allowing you to find the one that suits your type of travel. For those who like to try different types of cars, this also turns out to be quite an advantage, right?

It is worth stressing once again that even for those who already have a vehicle in the garage, renting to travel is always the best option. Depending on the trip, it is not worth using your own. Let’s say you own a compact and along the way you’ll need to make hard-to-reach trails. By renting an SUV, you can enjoy everything more comfortably and without hassle.

How to choose the right vehicle?

Book the car in advance

No letting to rent a car to travel in a timely manner. It is best to rent well in advance to ensure you have the vehicle you want or at least the rental company will upgrade if the model is not available at that time.

If you are traveling in high season, booking in advance becomes even more important, as at that time the demand for cars is always higher. For convenience, many rental companies now offer online rental service, making it much easier.

Read the contract carefully

The rental company can only charge the customer what is in the contract, so it is essential to read this document carefully before signing. Check that it includes aspects such as mileage collection, rental time, insurance, if the tank should be returned full, what are the fees and penalties, among other important points.

Check if rent is charged per kilometer or per day

The type of rental charge is another point that deserves extra attention. Often there are two options: in the first there is a limit of kilometers to be driven. If the user exceeds this limit, they will have to overpay for it. In Monday, renters pay a daily rate, which is usually a little more expensive, but there are no restrictions on mileage.

Therefore, before renting a car to travel, estimate the distance you will need to travel. That way you can figure out which option is most advantageous.

Make sure the car is insured

In Brazil, it is not the custom of rental companies to sell insurance with the rent. In most cases, what happens is the payment of a fee that exempts the user from liability for possible claims. To know which of these contingencies are covered by the protection, the tip of reading and rereading the contract before signing also fits this situation.