Honda CBR 600 F 2011, Returning The Bike or Is It a Video Game

This week we have seen the promotional video of the Honda Crossrunner, and now it is up to the Honda CBR 600 F 2011. A bike that marked an era and for a handful of years was in reference to sports of middle displacement refers. Model who born 1987 and which over the years has also seen a few renovations. Now, as we have seen to present the news from Honda in the Salone in Milan, he returns to complete the catalogue of the brand in 2011.

It is not just to understand if they have already taught us complete images of the bike, why have a video that you see only the whole towards the end. Meanwhile they are leaving us see the front wheel, rear, the instrument panel, as if the video were prepared for a series of leaks, as they have other brands since the end of the summer. The other aspect that caught my attention is the image of video game that has all the video. Playing with the lines of the road as if they were the notes of a piano until reaching the end becoming the date of 2011.

Ultimately I think that it is worth to take a look to the 1:35 minutes lasting video.