Don’t Touch My Blazer Steaks

Chronicle: Men’s clothing habits at the pub is an interesting phenomena to be considered. With the alcohol disappears all forms of style and an often indescribable tastelessness takes over. What is it that makes this dress code accepted? Why dress the Swedish man’s worst at the pub?

After looking around on a little vimmelbilder from tennis week in Bastad, this is absolutely the last place on earth I would find myself at the moment. While these images may not be representative of everyone’s style, they put really the worst of all styles, party fashions. I don’t really know what is happening, but at the restaurant seems all style totally deleted. After a few drinks, it becomes suddenly okay to unbutton the shirt to the navel, wearing sunglasses indoors and in the worst of all cases put the tie on its head according to Constructmaterials. The only person in the world who get away with kontorssnararan around his head named Percy Nilegård, a mentally unstable ärkekapitalist no empaiti to other people. Not even irony can forgive this behavior.

It is one thing when the 18-year-olds with little experience in restaurant life embracing this style ideal, but that the 30-year-olds dress after the exact same standard is total obegripeligt. Nothing is so awful that the old man ill packaged in restaurant environment, and just because there are no direct dress codes at the pub doesn’t mean anything is accepted.

To dress neatly at the pub should be a breeze. It is one of the few occasion that allows a more festive attire that is not controlled by any formal dress codes. Are there any other time that is as gratifying to dress for outdoor dining as a late summer evening? To find a great style for the pub is not nuclear physics but a well-fitting shirt, nice shoes and elegant pants are usually quite sufficient.

But instead of trying something suffered the vast majority of any kind of machohybris and lets his clothing brand based in raggpotentialen. A girl who dresses in mini with visible thongs and far too tight top that shows a large part of the stomach is almost unthinkable. But when a guy is dancing bare-chested on the bar to the 2003 electrohits is apparently a fully accepted behavior. For me there is no difference whatsoever. And those well dressed up in Blazer are not seldom by a strained attitude where all kind of humility is lost.

Next time you should dress for the pub, dump all machoattityd and dress sophisticated nicely. Or as A.P. C’s founder Jean Touitou Professor so elegantly put it for “If you can tell a man’s sexuality by the way he dresses — like a” gay “uniform or a” macho “uniform —” that’s disgusting “.