Does Something to Make More Than 30 Repetitions Per Series?

Do 30 repetitions per series It implies a very low load, which in most cases will mean a poor stimulus for awakening to the muscle. To gain muscle is discarded This method but, and to gain strength?

If we do a circuit in which we are alternating different in every season and muscle groups we do more than 30 repetitions, We can serve to work the strength-endurance and also the resistance as such, but even so the burden will remain very low.

When we work with loads muscle need one sufficient stimulus to deploy their adaptive processes in the form of muscle gain. All that is to be able to do more than 25-30 repetitions for series is considered a stimulation low. Do 8-15 repetitions costing work make the last, that is another thing.

Of course, more is worth something to nothing and we are not going to say that you be sure to make sets of 30 reps Or more. Even to newbies it serves many times to learn the gesture and make sure that there is no injury to then progress gradually. But permitting your desire, gets more weight to already get fatigad at as much as 20-25.

As we say, do more than 30 repetitions when we put a job in circuit If it may be more useful to work at the level of the resistance, but it will have a very low impact, so it may be advisable in beginners the first days, but after we will go up the load.