Colour Blocking – Bag Summer Will Be Stained

The sparrows whistle it long ago from the rooftops. We say the winter final goodbye and welcome the first warm rays of spring! But not only outdoors, all in colourful colours shines, even in the world of Pocket colors play a major role in addition to bright and natural colours, enhanced candy. Appropriate to the season (bags) colors are friendly and strong. Conclusion with the pale tone in tone Tristesse is finite. Now back to the color’s profess courage! Due to the revival of the hippie styles, also the Colour Blocking experienced comeback fashion. Colorful bags, purses and backpacks with colour blocking elements are our ideal for the warmer season.

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In the 60s, fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent have picked up this then revolutionary color aesthetics. This colour blocking is not a new trend, but rather a new interpretation of traditional notions of color and effect. The color blocking in the painting has its roots. Artists like the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian have already in the “Golden 20s” geometric shapes with high-contrast colours used as a stylistic device and directly inspired the world of fashion. It uses the colour blocking usually flashy and bright colors, which are in the color circle mostly opposed to itself and thus form a complementary contrast. The individual colours are then divided into defined color blocks, so larger areas, and combined. These may be only two or many different blocks. Especially strong, contrasting colours, such as a tired of bright orange and a cool deep Navy Blue, can result in exciting color blocks.

Colour blocking but not only confined to complementary colors. Whether wild mess mixed colour combinations or even interlocking gradations from similar areas – basically is (almost) everything is allowed. Creative may be played with almost any color combination for the colour blocking. Also rather unusual combinations, E.g. a delicate Rosé tone as opposed to a bright sky blue or even Orange and coral can harmonize with each other. Orange and coral? Some now think, that don’t fit together, but exactly this rather unusual at first glance color combinations go hand in hand perfectly when the colour blocking. Color blocking can be applied to individual accessories or pieces of clothing.

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The Periné Lux handbag by Coccinelle shows admirably as the colour blocking trend with a portion of noble elegance in your Pocket should look like. The combination of strong Orange, cognac earthy tone and a subtle beige gives a touch of Extravanz the trendy Croc and goes to lust directly on the next summer shopping trip through the city. On the other hand can be as well several elements of outfits to the colour blocking style unite. Bags with lip colors, such as for example the Stories Laïkó by Bogner in the sunny fresh yellow, can be ideally combined to black outfits or garments in simple nude tones and loosen them in addition.

Even though the motto “Pads rather than spill” is rather announced at the colour blocking, you should not exaggerate it with the color selection for the beginning. Less is more often. With the right mix is skillfully accents set. It therefore applies to very intense colors to choose a suitably neutral counterpart. A bright orange bag or a bag with several strong color fields is E.g. a simple, white shirt offsetting opposition offered. Conversely, bags can be wear with more discreet colours or colour combinations perfect for garments in very bright colours. Who is very brave and somewhat experienced with color blocking, which can combine with colorful accessories also a colorful outfit. Excellent the colorful bags and accessories of brands Mywalit and two are suitable for this.

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In addition to handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks and purses, there are also high-quality luggage in bold colors that coordinate well on the own outfit can be. The American Tourister brand offers colorful luggage that ensures skilful accents of color in the spring / summer season.

And not only the ladies may confess to the color of courage this spring/summer, also for men, there are matching bags and backpacks in the colour blocking style. How about E.g. the colored settlement by Herschel or a chic shoulder bag from Crumpler as the Dinky Di Messenger S with bold colour blocking E.g. once a casual city backpack, accents in the strip format? See them on sciencedict.

Did you get now even want to stand? What is your favorite color combination for the colour blocking and have your bag favorite in the colour blocking style already discovered or found a matching bag that is just the right splash of color to your outfit? If not, you will certainly find it in our News !


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