Bikini Berlin Opens with Curves

Bikini Berlin, what are you talking about?

The Bikini Berlin is actually “only” a shopping center, celebrated the last Thursday, opened house, for several reasons.From (my) view of Hamburg, because after years “Aufbau Ost” and the whole hip scene district in the east now the West is once again again and in the middle.On the left side of the “Zoopalast” on the right a house, which was filled for many years empty and/or with Rumpel-shops and (because of an then open intermediate floor) was called the Bikinihaus.By the way, the memory church, which with its 80s colors would actually have to be totally new, stands opposite both.

I personally saw the patch the last time after the fall of the Wall, after that I was in the East, which was more exciting.A few years ago I visited San Francisco in Berlin and showed them a bit of West.The set of my friend “people are different here” met quite well.

But now everything is different, the whole day hipp hanging in Friedrichshain has also become somehow boring and the time, in which this kind of architecture is again announced is now.This proves not least the arrival of the “25hours” hotel next door, the guys have always the right nose.

The Bikini Berlin has two more bangers: the one is the view, you can look from there to the zoo and the other is a new shop concept, which consciously leaves the depots, DMs and H & Ms of this world outside. A nice transition of the actual bangers, this:

This is Natalia Weimann, the designer from Berlin, while severing the band to her shop in Bikini Berlin. According to bikinirevival, at Weimann some parts up to size 52 swimming costumes of  have always been tailor-made and more and more. Now she dared with her label, together with the brand “Hüftgold” and opened her shop, in the hip house of Berlin:

To be honest, t bikinirevival his was really time. In Berlin one finds, in comparison to the size of the city, really little in large sizes. Congratulations Natalia and a good start!