Basic Manual for Lucius Fishing

Fishing for Lucio (or any other species) is not an exact science. However that does not mean that you will succeed using any equipment or any technique. That’s why we have prepared this manual with the basic knowledge that you need to know to start a fishing trip in search of Lucios.

Description Of The Species And Its Customs

Physical Characteristics

European pike is a freshwater fish, characteristic for its elongated and cylindrical shape. Its head follows the same shape of the body but ending in tip due to its spout. It has a dorsal fin rather long and extended and its color varies depending on the habitat where it is. In most cases its color is green or yellowish green, with dark brown or yellow speckles. The belly, on the other hand, becomes clearer by becoming close to the target.

Being a predator has an elongated jaw equipped with specialized teeth, which allow him to capture, tear or grind his prey. His jaw is also cartilage and his teeth in rows move from time to time.

Average size: 50 to 100 cm long. The largest specimens that have been found although it is very rare to get them, can reach one and a half meters long and weigh 25 kg.

Habit Of The Pike

The pike likes fresh and clean water, prefers areas where water circulates so it is very common to find it on the shores. However it is a predatory species that enjoys camouflaging itself among the undergrowth, roots and branches to deceive its prey.

Behavior And Feeding

Lucio is an inveterate carnivore, usually hunting river crabs, or any animal that rides on the shores, being able to hunt rodents, toads, and even birds. He has such a voracious appetite that he will often catch the youngest of his own species and other species such as black bass. That is why it is said that pike is one of the most aggressive river species.

According to toolkitforFishing,  on the other hand, the pikes are species that can live to the 30 years, which is enough for a fish, being the females that reach the greater sizes.

Where To Fish Lucios

The great majority of the Lucios live in the Iberian peninsula, being the reservoirof the Júcar, one of the most outstanding places to find great Pikes. It is also very common to get them in the rivers of Castillas and Leon.

Once there or somewhere that you have found population of Lucios, you will need to walk quietly along the banks and detect their movements. They usually hide quite between the roots of nearby trees or fallen branches.

The Best Moments To Fish Lucio

Time Of The Year

Late summer or early fall are the best times to fish Lucio, but it has to do more with the water temperature, so it is possible to have a good catch in the spring.The ideal temperature for the pikes to activate is 21 ° C.

Moment Of The Day

As a matter of course, the Lucios go hunting at dawn, so this is the best time to tempt them. However if you do not like getting up so early, you can also look for them at sunset which is when they activate again.

How To Fish Pike

The spinning technique requires a lot of control over the lure so that the Pikes are attracted. It is very difficult to see what happens with your decoy so you will need to feel it at all times; Mentally calculating their behavior to simulate the movement of a real fish.

Learn from the most experienced in fishing for Lucio and practice as many times as you can, empirical experience is the best way to learn how to control reed and reel before, during and after the sting.

The presentation of the lure is another key factor, the Pikes are quite voracious and do not fear any strange object. The more striking and exotic, the more likely you are to get their attention. Now, we do not recommend that you always use the same lure; You must carry a varied range that you can alternate until you find the one that works best every day.

Finally it is extremely important that your lures sink to the correct depth and move at a suitable speed. So before you cast and choose your decoy determine the average depth in which they are fluttering and then work accordingly. Do not pick up too fast or too slow.

To fish! Do not give too many laps to the matter, you just need practice and try what works best. Relax and have fun!

Equipment For Fishing Lucio

It all depends on how you want to fish it, it can be trolling, spinning, or fly, so it will depend on your particular taste. However we recommend the most versatile Lucio fishing equipment that can be used for most types of fishing.

Fishing Rod For Lucio

How you will have noticed the Lucio is a heavy and aggressive fish, therefore you will need a very flexible rod, which will be comfortable and light. In PescaCosmar we recommend the Mitchell 300 X SPIN a marvel for medium and heavy spinning.

Fishing Reel For Lucio

In fishing Lucio is quite likely to spend several hours holding the rod, while throwing and picking up again and again. So it’s best to have the lightest spinning reel. Whose ability to pass the 150 mts of yarn and above all that has an adjustable brake of great power.

Fishing Line For Lucio

We recommend an invisible line that is not flexible enough to withstand the bite, whose diameter is between 0.30 and 0.40 mm, depending on the size of the pikes in the area where you are fishing.

Articles For Fishing Lucio

For the hooks we recommend a measurement of 3/0 4/0 or 5/0 and that you carry with you pliers to work the bass line and unzips. For the lure, you can use teaspoons, spinnerbaits or elongated vinyls.