Are There Any Differences in a Routine of Weightlifting for Girls?

Since I became interested in the world of fitness and weights, there will be not one only day, either seeing as train the girls in my gym or reading any comments of the female part of our HowStuffWorks community, I see and I suspect that is There are differences in a routine of weightlifting for girls.

This post goes in part to clarify this so momentous question:?There are differences of a routine of weightlifting for girls?, surely if we stop to think about it carefully and apply logic come the solution quickly to our head, but if you look at the day to day you can never take the solution.

The answer to the question

Before you go, as we like, we are going to respond to this question: NO, there were no differences in a routine of weightlifting for girls, While may routine is designed with some exercises which are not as common in weight routines.

Basically There is no difference, because the muscle fibers do not depend on sex, i.e., a muscle fiber is going to hypertrophy similarly in a body of woman who in a man’s body, although not the final size that get it won’t be the same, mainly by male testosterone.

Then what women of my gym trained different?

This question is based on the main objective that women seek in the gym, because basically what they seek is to tone your body without winning volume, and because a myth that many people still believes feet deep even many gyms monitors: to define it should be repes with less weights and more series (false).

Surely if you take the blade of a routine of weight of a girl always see superseries and series of long repetitions, so 20 or 30 iterations in some series. While the superseries is a very suitable exercise for toning and fat burning, this should of perform when a good level and a refined technique are, not simply because they are female. But what do so many repetitions is not much.

What should be clear is that a muscle-toning, you must follow the same principle as for exaggerating, i.e., train it to a good intensity with weights that you cost to perform the marked series. Do not believe to do 20 repetitions with 10 kilos in press, you’ll burn more fat and only going to tone, that is wrong.

Should a workout for toning/definition be like

This what we have spoken many times, and is that tone, or that women understand why toning, to say define, i.e., remove excess fat and muscle that is not flabby. And that is achieved with intensity, charges high to allow you do between 8 and 12 repetitions for each series and also with the concept of muscular failure.

Not by being a woman you must do the exercise without intensity, without that you feel your muscle tension and it costs you to make, if you apply that intensity your body won’t tone (hypertrophy), simply you will be in better shape than if you do nothing, and that the exercise will be something more aerobic loading as you load.

So the routines you see in the pages of HowStuffWorks are unisex, since never see that we put weights, Since each must move the weight that you need, whether male, female, fat, slim, muscular, rubio, moreno, tall and handsome. You must adjust the load to the maximum intensity that you can withstand for series and repetitions that are indicated in it.

Undercarriage-specific exercises

There are some exercises of undercarriage that women put a special emphasis on making them, since as certain muscles worked and showy as the sixpack, a broad chest, or a rocky arms like men, women also have: a buttock hard and firm.

These exercises are often see as often in routines that we check, such as buttocks and specific abductor exercises but These muscle groups are also worked with squats, front, side, and diagonal striding, deep press, etc..