Geography of Kazakhstan

2.7 million square kilometers

Kazakhstan extends 1700 km from north to south and 3000 km from east to west. Most of the republic consists of plains, but in the southeast and east higher mountains penetrate. The vast lowland surrounding the Caspian Sea in the north consists of an almost completely flat plain, which is largely below sea level. Two countersinks, 131 muh. and 70 muh., is lower than the surface of the Caspian Sea…

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Cyprus Knowledge and Culture

Remains of a Roman theater in Paphos

The schooling is free and compulsory for nine years for children aged 6-15. Six-year high school, of which three years is compulsory, is also free. There are two national and several private universities in Cyprus. Cyprus has a number of ancient monuments. Several churches are from Byzantine times, and there are a number of examples of Islamic architecture, French Gothic architecture and Italian Renaissance culture. Some well-known modern painters are…

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Singapore Hotels

Esplanade theaters on the bay, Singapore

Hotel prices together account for 18% fees and taxes (often called “Triple Plus”), which are made up as follows: 10% service fee, 7% VAT and 1% state tax. Anyone making a reservation in high-end hotels online at or at a reservation desk at the airport will receive a discount. Many hotels also offer special prices on their websites that are less than 50% of the normal rate, so price comparisons and advance bookings are always a good…

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