Dance in the Philippines

People dancing the Philippine national dance Tinikling

Philippines dance traditions and development reflect the country’s position as a meeting place between Asian and Western cultures. Like most Southeast Asian countries, dance has a strong position as an artistic expression. In the Philippines, this is evident in the many dance companies with a folkloric foundation. It ranges from traditional tribal dances from the mountain areas in the interior of the country and from the Muslim south, such as…

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Geography of the United Arab Emirates

Large parts of the hinterland consist of desert

The United Arab Emirates consists mostly of a flat and monotonous desert coast. Outside the 640 km long coastline lies a series of sandy islands and coral reefs. On the Musandam Peninsula in the northeast, the Hajar Mountains rise to over 2000 meters above sea level. Rows of sand dunes in the interior. Climate The climate in the United Arab Emirates is hot and dry, with high humidity. Average temperature…

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City Tours and Excursions in Singapore

City tours Combined tours East-West Executive Travelers PTE Ltd is an association of tour operators based in Australia and offers a range of unusual and interesting tours in Singapore. For visitors who are not only interested in exploring outside but also within the city, half-hour tours through downtown Singapore are offered, which are followed by tarot, aura or reiki therapy. You can also take a seven-hour island tour, including a lunch boat ride…

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