Recent History of the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates 2

The recent history of the United Arab Emirates includes the country’s history after 1971, when the country emerged as one state formation. The United Arab Emirates (FAE) became an independent state on December 1, 1971, after Britain stood by the 1968 announcement to withdraw from the Gulf of Persia. In the period leading up to independence, nine Sheikh judges worked together to establish a confederation, but both Bahrain and Qatar…

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History of the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

The oldest history of the area that today constitutes the formation of the United Arab Emirates (FAE) is inadequately documented, but archaeological finds attest to early human activity, dating back to 100,000 years, and trade with the outside world from around 3000 BCE. – first with cups, then with pearls. The importance of the Gulf Coast to regional trade was already established and developed in recent times. Most of the…

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Georgia’s Geography

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Georgia is located on the southern side of the Great Caucasus mountain range, and is largely mountainous and has large elevation differences. The Greater Caucasus reaches more than 5000 meters above sea level, including in Sjkhara (5068 meters) and Kasbek (5042 meters). Several passes pass through the mountain range. To the south, at the border with Armenia and Turkey, lies the Little Caucasus with altitudes of 2500-3000 meters. The Suram…

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