Economy and Business in Brunei

petroleum revenues

Brunei is a rich country with oil and gas revenues as a base. Gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 1.3 per cent in 2017. GDP per capita is USD 78,200 (2017). With this, Brunei is in eighth place over the country with the highest GDP per capita. Of the ASEAN countries, only Singapore has a higher per capita GDP. Unemployment is 6.9 per cent (2017). Brunei ranks number 39 out…

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Ancient History of the United Arab Emirates


The oldest traces of settlement in the United Arab Emirates (FAE) date from the Neolithic period, around 5500 BCE. – when the climate was more humid, and access to food much better than today. New archaeological finds at Jebel Faiyah in Sharjah indicate that the first people may have come to the area already in Paleolithic times – at least 100,000 years ago. Excavations in this area attest to activity…

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Georgia’s Defense

Georgia's Army

Georgia has general military duty from the age of 18, and the initial service is 12 months. In 1994 joined Georgia into NATO program Partnership for Peace, and the country aspire to full membership in the alliance, which Russia sits down sharply opposed. Russia has military forces in Abkhazia, which is under Russian control, and in South Ossetia. The total strength of Georgia’s armed forces is 20,650 active personnel (2018,…

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