11 Tips for Choosing the Best Knitting Wool

Left the course of knitting and is full of desire to make your piece of knitting, but still feel doubt in choosing the best wool to knit? Know that there are various types of wool to make that beautiful trico. With doubts to choose which is the best wool to knit? Now you will know the main types of wool, and still see 11 tips to choose the appropriate wire to the part you want to create.

1-the choice of the wool used for knitting is fundamental and interferes directly in the final result. In Brazil we don’t have many options, so it is common to buy imported yarns.

2-it is important to remember that fear “wool” is used to denote the fiber that comes from sheep, although typically call any wool yarn. Thin wires are more used for clothes, socks and gloves, because they are lighter and fresh. Medium wires are used for socks, gloves and scarves specifically for adults. This type of wool has the largest variety of colors. Already thick wires are twisted into four or more wires, used for clothes too hot.

3-the sheep’s wool can be of different races, the merina breed for example, is a noble race of thin, soft and thermal fiber. A good option to make sweater, however, with the frequent friction can form those famous balls, that annoy a lot of people and compromise the visual, reported by physicscat.
4-silk is another example of wire, produced by “silkworm” is an expensive wire, however, if you opt for the mixed version, you can find a lower price. Used to produce clothes to sheets, is light and fresh.

5-cotton is a lightweight yarn, vegetable fiber, with little elasticity. Must be used by those who already have enough practice, let the most visible defects, any point out of place will be the shows. Used for various purposes such as clothes, sheets, and blankets etc.

6-Cashmere is a type of hair taken from the thighs and belly of the goats. Is a luxury, so one piece is made with cashmere becomes too expensive. So don’t get so high cost option exists

using mixed yarn, like cashmere and wool.

7-acrylic is a synthetic fiber made from polypropylene, i.e. is a type of plastic wool. This wire has a wide choice of colours. Often used for children’s clothes, because it is cheaper and easy to wash.

8- also known as Polyamide nylon, is soft and cool touch, mainly used for parts
sportswear, lingerie and stockings. Out of Brazil there are some news like the bamboo (pure or mixed with wool) and even with hair of dog and cat.

9-the alpaca comes from an animal similar to the llama. The wires of this animal are thermal insulators,
very good for caps, scarves and gloves, but can be very warm sweaters, angora, already is a type of soft wire and hairy. Can be used to make shirts and sweaters, for being hairy still leaves the play charming and very comfortable.

10-one thing is certain, considering the piece to be made and the results that are expected, the first
big step for choose a wool look your composition before choosing the color. Most
has mixed yarn, the percentage of each will indicate the predominant fibre in the composition.

11-the choice of color is personal, however, if the proper wool to make a piece of clothing for example,
features in your range of colors the color you would like, don’t switch the wire, because the result will be
compromised, instead of replacing the wire, replace color, with the end result.

Now with the knowledge of how to choose the best wool for parts, what are the options to make it cheaper, either for personal use or for sale, and which are suitable for children and adults, there will be no more excuse not to achieve the desired result.