Most Common Failures When It Comes to Do Push-Ups

The push-ups they are an exercise that while time nobody banishes his routine, and take advantage of the body’s own weight to train the chest is something that we must not overlook. Despite all this, there are many cases where we think to ourselves that we are working correctly the pectoral push-ups, when actually we’re doing far from the way of influencing this part. For this reason, we wish to highlight some of the flaws most common to do push-ups.

The placement of the hands It is something that usually us bring headache to all those who decide to do push-ups. It is important that we know that depending on where we want to have an impact with the exercise must be put your hands in a position or other. The most common is to make them parallel to the middle of the chest, and separated from the trunk at the same distance on both sides, so that the palms of the hands supported on the ground at the same height of the chest and the shoulders level. This position would be as well to work the middle of the chest, for the superior must place the most advanced, and for the lower hands backward.

The placement of the feet It is another point that many people do not redress when it comes to do push-ups, and is that it is essential for us to know at all times where must place them. To begin, you must put them stretched and only supported on the ground by the tips, since they should not exercise any kind of force, but they are only one point of support to bring to fruition the exercise. Between the feet we must leave a slight separation to keep much better balance and avoid bad movements that may eventually go on invoice.

The placement of the rest of the body throughout the exercise, it is essential and we must have it present, since it is simply a deadweight, in any case we are going to propel with any party who is not the chest, which is where we must focus all the exercise stress. Therefore it is essential that body put it straight and slightly raising the rear up to thus maintain an even more neutral posture that we not interfiramos with other muscles.

Arms they are one of the important parts to do push-ups, and it is that they will be which will enable us to carry out the development of the activity. It is therefore necessary that we put them bent at the elbows, but in such a way that are not them which can withstand the stress of exercise, but that is always the chest. Although Yes that is true that the triceps will be slightly involved, as well as the shoulder, so we should not worry, but we must not abuse this involvement at the expense of the chest muscles.