How to Obtain the Title Boxing Coach

Boxing coaches are the right hand of boxers, plus support and a boost of ambition and discipline. If you want to become coach of professional boxing and teach this sport, you must pass a series of courses given by the Spanish Boxing Federation that will allow you to exercise territorial or national level. However, a number of requirements for registration are also sought. Then in we guide on how to obtain the title boxing coach .


First, to practice as a boxing coach is essential to have experience in the world of sport, and practice boxing at least as an amateur, because this will be the source of your experience, which coaching transmit to your students.

On the other hand, as with all professional, a recognized qualification certifying the knowledge and skills to instruct others in the art of combat must be obtained. The different levels of courses offered by the Spanish coach Boxing Federation available are:

  • I level boxing coach or course monitor Boxing: equivalent to basic education
  • Level II boxing coach or territorial coach: equivalent to high school
  • Level III boxing coach and national coach: equivalent to higher education

Before signing up to any of these courses, make sure this is approved by the Higher Sports Council, the Spanish Boxing Federation or corresponding regional Federation.


Level I coaching course monitor boxing or boxing:

Corresponding to basic education, this initial course usually cost around 150 €, but depending on the autonomous community can reach up to 600 €. The level I usually takes place over three days, with the first two and the last session theory, practice. Moreover, after overcoming you must perform a number of hours of practice to supplement training, which must be recognized by the club or gym.

One of the requirements to enroll in this course monitor boxing is to have the degree of boxer amateur , saying, from amateur boxer. It also must overcome the test, be over 16 years and be in possession of the ESO.


Level II territorial boxing coach or trainer:

The second level coaching professional boxing is the course of regional preparer, also called territorial trainer course. For this title it is required that the student is in possession of the title of Monitor Boxing, thus having exceeded the level I previously. On the other hand, itis mandatory to have done, depending on the autonomous community, a minimum of 140 hours of practice in a club or gym, which must be certified by the center.



Level III boxing coach or national coach:

This level is empowering students to train throughout the national territory, and makes him boxing coach at its best. For the diploma III level, it is required to have the title of level II and completion practices requested by the Spanish Boxing Federation.