Ending The Postural Defects Do Pectoral Exercises

If you talk about openings, horizontal bench press, inclined and declined insurance that all we answer that you it’s exercise for working the chest. It is true that they are some of the most common in the workout routines in the gym, but nevertheless they are always well done. There is a bug that we commit many mostly to do with cufflinks, and it is that We broke the back of the back when lifting the weight.

For many this gesture is something completely normal if we talk about pectoral exercise, since they have always done so the exercise., really lift the back of the backrest, either only on the one hand, or by the two is something that we should not do because of the risk that the health of this, but almost nobody on this leaving that they are established imbalances between the two sides of the chest, the left and right, and putting at risk the back.

To raise the backrest back when we carry out any of these exercises what we are doing is to give us momentum in that part of the body. At this time all turn off the voltage chest and muscles, that is really what we want to work, to the back, which is going to withstand thrust load. But not being a movement suitable to take risk damage greatly increases.

Do this to make any kind of exercise denotes a lack of strength to the charge that you want to move, so that is recommended decrease the weight cufflinks and adapt it to our possibilities to do the exercise correctly and not incurring postural defects. But not only reduce weight enough, but in many cases once acquired this habit is hard to kill it unless we use a number of techniques aimed at setting everything back into the back of the Bank.

What we must do is to resort to the help of a companion of trainings that grasp us the shoulders and keep us glued to the backing of the Bank while we carry out the exercise. If we don’t have a partner willing to seize us can opt for the use of a rope to tie us by the trunk to the Bank and avoid lifting the back. To do this it is necessary to concentrate on keeping the glued back and propel us with push-up action. So little by little we will succeed in eradicating this vice and work properly.