Bottle that Reminds You to Drink Water

Nowadays, more and more easy to find colorful and cool bottles every day. But how many of them can remind you to drink water? Not much. The bottle Hidrate Me lights up when he felt that perhaps you are dehydrated. Creator Nadia Nguyen and her team have developed a smart bottle that uses a sensor and a mobile application.

With regard blutuut application monitors how much water you have drunk and calculates how much you need at the time based on your physical data such as weight and height, geographical location, altitude and humidity. And if you fitness fans application will be linked to your profiles on popular programs Fitbit and Jawbone, to calculate how much water you lose during exercise. To work accurately innovation creators have collaborated with physiologists from the University of Kansas.

Hydration of the body is often underestimated, and this leads to headaches, dizziness and muscle cramps.

The bottle has collected more than $ 300,000 donations from Kickstarter campaign in a target only $ 35 000. The cost of the bottles start at $ 9 and the first will be on sale in the winter. Find an item here online at

Product idea occurred to weary Nguyen last July while returning by bus from the 10-hour volunteering during which languished ever drink water. “I thought that I was quite conscious of hydration topic and it reminded me how easy person to forget to drink water when it is about many things happen,” says Nguyen.

Once the idea came just 54 hours she and her former fellow students created a prototype of the invention using standard bottle and a sensor attached to elastic hair Nguyen.

Do not worry plastic bottle will not become another annoying alarm. The user selects the interval of time during which wants to drink water, for example every 30 minutes. If the bottle into account that period has elapsed, lights.